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Onion tries to regain normalcy one week after the flood

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ToledoUpdated:16/09/2018 12:32h

The neighbors in the town of toledo of Onion try to regain normalcy after the flood that occurred on Saturday 8 September, as a result of a storm that overflowed the creek and Sangüesa, and that caused you harm in some seventy buildings, and about thirty vehicles.

The effects of the flood are still evident in this municipality of some 3,500 neighbors because, although the mud has almost disappeared from the streets, there are still a good number of houses and premises in which the sludge is carried by water is very present.

Without a doubt, the building most affected by what happened is the public library, situated a few yards from where the creek overflowed its banks, in such a way that the building has been razed and has lost a good part of the material stored.

Todavía falta mucho trabajo por hacer en Cebolla
There is still a lot of work to do in Onion – Efe

In fact, the door practically is not seen by the large amount of chairs, armchairs, tables and closets that there have accumulated awaiting its removal, since they have been in such a bad state that it seems impossible to reuse.

Just behind the library, the mud and the sludge moved by the force of the water has already been dried, and covers almost entirely the colourful swings in a playground, on which lie some books defenestrados by the flood.

A few steps away is the health centre, which regained its activity almost to the day following the spate of Sangüesa, but on whose walls you can still see the height that reached the water when passing by there, in some points almost three meters.

And a little more in front of the units medical, next to a ceramic plate on which can be read the name of the street, Real, there is a pharmacy that is only the sign of the local and its characteristic green cross.

Columpios arrasados por el agua
Swings were wiped out by the water – Efe

Some neighbors have explained to Efe that this is not the only business that has had to close, because along the calle Real to the square of the town Hall there are several that have met the same fate.

There are also dwellings in which, a week after the floods, their owners strive to keep cleaning the mud accumulated in living rooms, kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, patios or garages.

No one has had to leave her home to go live in other site, but there are many who have lost furniture and all types of home appliances,” commented a neighbor.

While in Onion the day-to-day affected is passed, assessing damage, fixing damage and cleaning up mud, the town Council of the town is finalizing the application to the central Government to declare the township a disaster zone.

The Consistory has accounted for between 60 and 70 buildings damaged by the flood, as well as around thirty vehicles.

Waiting for the arrival of the possible State aid, are to be found in surrounding villages and in the nearby city of Talavera of the Queen’s charity initiatives to raise funds to alleviate the effects of the floods.

Muebles mezclados con el lodo
Furniture mixed in with the mud – Efe

Institutions and groups very different -from the PSOE of Talavera de la Reina to the regional Association of Specific Language impairment or the autonomous channel Castilla-La Mancha Media (CMM)- have organized initiatives to collect books for the public library, which has lost 10,000 of the 12,000 copies that I had.

Also the CF Talavera and the Torpedo 66, of Onion, place the next day 26 a friendly match with charitable status to raise funds for those affected by the flood.

The meeting will take place from 20:45 hours at the municipal stadium of Onion, which has a capacity for 2,000 spectators.

As has been explained to EFE neighbors of this locality, it is usual that the stream of Sangüesa is overflowing for these dates when there is any heavy storm because its natural channel passes through the streets of the town centre.

The day after the natural disaster, the Government delegate in Castile-La Mancha, Manuel Gonzalez, is committed to develop a study of “technical rigor” in order to clarify the causes of the flooding in Onion, as also occurred in previous years.

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