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The Classic buenos aires seen by Andrés Calamaro

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Updated:09/11/2018 02:46h

There is no doubt that The Classic is a phenomenon within the universe balompédico. These regional rivalries, these duels fratricidal, are prior to the football as a great television show permanent. The rivalries of neighboring in English football are perhaps more important to compete in Europe, and more exciting. In Rosario, the city is split in two, rogue (Rosario Central) of one hand, and the lepers (Newells) of the other. Happens with Boca Juniors –and River Plate– something that reminds us of the classic that pits the Real Madrid with the Barcelona; the fans beyond the borders of the city, there are “hens” and “bosteros” in all the corners of Argentina, as there are “vikings” and “culés” around the world… Without doubt, the main argentinean classic (without detracting from other rivalries folk) is a event formidable, perhaps marred by the absence of swollen visitors: the degree of violence does not allow the swollen visitors to attend normally to the pitch opponent. Nothing from the other world, Madrid and Barcelona have so many members and subscribers, that the presence of swollen –not local– is minimal.

Now, the championship local league, be it resolved by regularity, the highest score obtained during the championship. But a final of the Libertadores is more than an end: the two are late. I personally prefer the definitions to a single party. But Boca and River came to the end of the Tournament Pan-american and will play two matches, in the Mouth and in Núñez. I hope that the blood does not reach the river. Literally. The stadiums of Boca and River are built a stone’s throw of the Rio de la Plata and the Riachuelo, a tributary. There are inexplicable things in football, in addition to the volley of Zidane… I’m Not a sociologist diploma but a similar passion for the “colors” is, today, a feeling more powerful than the “patriotism patriotic”.

If Spain is held together by the football, here this end of (two) the end is a potential powder keg. Argentina is in a severe crisis, tempers are hot, cost to get to the end of the month, and the middle class is diluted. In this context there are two classical (two finals) to compete for the throne of America (which traditionally belongs to the Club Atlético Independiente). The law of the jungle. Any reasonable forecast anticipates rain of flags, rain songs of puffy, storm football and possible earthquakes. More than football. The end of Mouth, and River is like the sinking of the Titanic.

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