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Sanchez changes the course and is prepared to intervene in Catalonia

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Special envoy to MarrakechUpdated:11/12/2018 04:11 am

Although the Government of Sanchez has always advocated that will respond only to the facts and not the words, the Executive will interpret the statements of Quim Torra, betting on the pathway of slovenia towards independence as a qualitative leap: “There are words and words”, summed up a member of the cabinet. The change of discourse that Sanchez needed after the fiasco in Andalusia is served.

In the Executive, recalled yesterday that they have appealed already before the Constitutional Court by two resolutions of the Catalan Parliament to justify that “we have never failed to act”. But what is certain is that yesterday there was perceived a degree of much greater concern in recent times. As ever since Sanchez arrived in La Moncloa. The events of this weekend, with the CDR cutting off the AP-7 motorway to the inaction of the Mossos after that the president of the Generalitat criticase act against radical groups, they represent the fact that motivates the Government to acknowledge openly that values an intervention in Catalonia.

In this “dereliction of duties” is covered by the Government to study the following steps. Yesterday the vice-president Carmen Calvo insisted that the application of article 155 is the “last measure” that should be taken. But the number two in the Government, warned that “for the moment what yesterday happened is going to have consequences”, because Torra “cannot be inhibited” and the Government “will take measures within the framework of their powers”.

He repeated it on several occasions, questioning especially the “inhibition” of the security forces. “What happened yesterday will have consequences. The Government is considering the full capacity of response,” said Calvo in a situation “unacceptable” and that it “has consequences and you are going to have.”

The president of the Government, which yesterday was in Marrakech for the summit of the pact for migration United Nations, would not for the moment, to go to respond to Torra. A premeditated decision, say on your computer, as you will want to put the focus on the appearance of the president tomorrow in Congress.

But in the environment of the president were criticized yesterday heavily by the words of Torra and the “frivolity” of its mention with regard to Yugoslavia. The vice president questioned yesterday Torra for having crossed “in the field of speculative a line of irresponsibility absolute. A line literally unacceptable”.

As anticipated Calvo, the Government, through the legal services of the legal profession of the State, is studying all the possibilities. Members of the Government have consulted believe that the inaction regarding the violent acts are acts that must be studied if they can be fitted in the precepts of a requirement, the step prior to the application of article 155. Although it is clear that is not the only instrument and prefer not to make use of the same.

What is at the center of the concern of the Government is the management of the Autonomous police. “What has happened can not be tolerated,” says a member of the Government, pointing to measures in the sense of “to ensure the safety and coexistence.”

The spokesman of the Election Committee socialist, Esther Peña, left more than open the door to a forceful response from Sanchez that the inclusion of the article 155: “is Not going to shake your hand as I shook in the past.” In addition to Calvo, Pena was, indeed, who gave for granted the intervention and the measures “courageous” in the face of what he described as a “trampling of rights” produced by the “complacency” of the government.

Three letters

For the moment, that courage is reduced to three cards of the Government of the Generalitat to the “dereliction of duties”. The vice-president Carmen Calvo moved “our concern” to his counterpart, Pere Aragonès. While the minister of public works and the Interior do the same. The card lasts is undoubtedly that of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who reminds Miquel Buch, that the Organic Law 2/1986 of Security Forces and Bodies of the State provided for in article 38.2 “the alleged action of the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State when they deem the state authorities”.

The legal debate and policy is profound. The Foreign minister, Josep Borrell, who has occasionally preached in the wilderness in the response to the pro-independence, yesterday criticised “a language which appears to be calling for an uprising”, but at the same time cooled the option of the 155 because “that count are the actions”.

Another minister with a weight in the Government claimed late yesterday that “we are not in the 155 in these moments.” On the table of the Government is, according to several sources, the application of the National Security Act, which provides in its article 23, the “situation of interest to the National Security.” Article 24 specifies that Sanchez can declare it with a royal decree that should define the crisis, their geographical scope, the duration of the measure and provides for the appointment of a functional authority. Contrary to in the article 155, Pedro Sánchez does not need here the support of the PP.

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