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Why must you smell before a possible romantic partner?

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In the first appointments, the people are struggling to give a good impression: appropriate clothing for the occasion, hairstyles correct and a wide smile. All to be attractive and be able to conquer who we have in front. However, there are factors that are difficult to control, as the nerves that cause us to speak too fast or that we are especially clumsy in the movements. And there is still something more indomitable: our body odor, a factor informer who according to the new book of the magazine “New Scientist” entitled ” How to be Human. The definitive guide on your awesome existence” (Alianza Editorial) it is impossible to disguise. Or even a litre of perfume or deodorant to permeate our bodies.

Although it may seem that humans orient more by the view that through the nose when looking for a partner, “the sense of smell guides our existence more than ever we suspect”, say from “New Scientist”. For a start, the fact that we have more sweat glands apocrine around the hair follicles of the armpits and the groins that our relatives primates closest to speak about its importance.

They prefer them with odors of dominant…

And not only cause odors, but we are experts in receiving them: there are several essays, in which he asks different men to sleep with just a t-shirt. At this time you may not smoke, eat food, strong alcohol and, of course, use any type of perfume. After asking women (sometimes also men) who qualify parameters belonging to personality traits. That is to say, if the t-shirt that’s in front of them seemed to be of someone shy or sensitive, for example. The results affirm that we’re quite good at “sniffing” the others, “in particular on members of the opposite sex”.

So, the tendency is that the women choose to odor more dominant, whose aromas body tend to be more associated to high levels of certain hormones that are broken down into molecules able to influence the odour. Interestingly, women also have the ability to sniff out the shape of the body of men: experiments as the above events suggest that they tend to prefer the scent of men with more symmetrical, because wide shoulders could indicate “the capacity to withstand infections and other environmental stresses: a sign of genetic quality”, say from “New Scientist”.

In addition, they are more likely to sniff out these “natural perfumes” when you are ovulating, the most fertile period of your cycle.

…And they smell fertility

And precisely, instinctively, the men can also capture women who are ovulating, despite the fact that the human species does not show external signs of this process. “To the men they like, even if it is unconsciously. And, by contrast, are less attractive to women who are menstruating“, they said. So it’s like the smell of fertility becomes more attractive to women and the smell of a symmetrical body can return to the men irresistible. “Unfortunately we still don’t know what are the chemical substances relevant in each of these cases”, pointing from the magazine, which, however, opens the way to a “scent of dominance” related to large amounts of androstenos, a byproduct of the steroid hormones male, as the testosterone.

The problem is because it does not produce the same effect on all women: some can’t detect these scents and others will dislike.

Natural mechanisms against inbreeding

On the other hand, there are research that reveal that we prefer people whose genes of the major histocompatibility complex -called by the acronym CMH and that are associated to foreign bodies to help the immune system – which are different to our own, This will ensure a protection against viruses, bacteria, and other diseases as broad as possible. But how is it related to the immune system and the body odor? Although it is not clear, it is believed that “the molecules of the MHC that are expressed through the cells of the skin have an influence on which bacteria can live in them and, therefore, on the odors they generate”, explained.

This preference could arise when humans lived in small groups, to avoid inbreeding and the species is fortificara.

Do not bring perfumes, you are not able to hit

Despite all of these “tracks” olfactory, businesses of fragrance have not yet been given the key for the smell perfect or produce the “recipe” of the fragrance customizable. Perhaps, as noted in the book, because the human is very good at choosing perfumes for yourself, scents that complement their own body odor (and completely unconscious).

However, we are quite lousy choosing scents for others, and it may be that with the interaction with your skin (since the final result of the same fragrance can vary a lot from one person to another), the result is disappointing. “Those who know about this agree that the best thing is that each one choose for himself,” conclude from “New Scientist”.

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