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The minister Borrell proves his Ministry by the logo of the republican

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MadridUpdated:05/03/2019 02:15pm

In an interview with The Sixth on Sunday night and picked up by Europa Press, the minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, said that in the matter of the logo of the “80 Anniversary of the Republican Exile” that his ministry intended to impose on the bajofirma of all the staff of the department, its agency has not been “rectified” but has merely said that it is not necessary to use it for all of the internal communications ministry. This fact, according to the head of Foreign affairs, is not an amendment because it would be tantamount to “saying that the meeting of the five has gone to six.”

The minister Borrell stated that it is “a subject without importance that is exorbitando selfishly” and that it is trying to “get things riled up” because “there are so many problems in this world” he is irritating considering the “problems that don’t exist or are less than what is says you are”.

Recall that the problem “does not exist” was an e-mail circular sent by the Ministry of Foreign affairs on 1 march to all the personnel of that department which said the following: “The present year 2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the republican exile Spanish. In the framework of this anniversary, the Spanish Administration is organizing commemorative events and a logo has been created to the effect. To expand its dissemination and its impact in terms of communication, it is requested that all personnel of this Ministry, the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and other agencies put the logo on the feet of signature of the e-mail”. In addition, in said message, providing one example: “refers to attached a template for the appropriate purposes”. That is to say, it is addressed to all staff of the ministry and does not discriminate against any e-mail.

Logo for the e-mail

First thing in the morning of day 2, the ministry of which it is assumed to Josep Borrell at the helm, the spread of a new circular on the reporting that “a logo has been created” to insert in the foot of the signature of the e-mail of the staff of this embassy or consulate. Also, the logo must be used in acts that, eventually, arrange for the embassy or consulate in the framework of this commemoration, in respect of which this secretariat will send soon a Telegram circular” and “finally, it is requested that all units which make use in these actions of the logo communicate to the following email address: 80aniversarioexiliorepublicano@mjusticia.es”.

That is to say, that was the order of use of the logo “on the feet of signature of the e-mail of the staff of this Embassy, or Consulate”, but that is exorbitar the matter according to Borrell. And fiscalizaba use of logo, a republican by means of the Ministry of Justice, but that is “get things riled up,” according to the imminent candidate of the PSOE to the European Parliament.

Finally, 2 march, at 20.20 hours, the ministry broadcast a note to all the staff in the rectificaba a previous order said at the time that “verified with the inter-ministerial Committee organising such a logo is designed for use in events related to the celebration of that historic event, the Embassies and Consular Offices will be used for this purpose without the need for their inclusion in the postal and communications common work”.

The ministry said that the day 1 was compulsory, the day two ceased. But according to the minister Borrell, is not an amendment, so that we can only understand that the minister himself is denying to the secretariat of the undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, which was the agency that was to amend the circular prior of the subdirectorate-general of the Office of public diplomacy.

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