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Dinopolis rejuvenates the Tyrannosaurus rex animatrónico

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Updated:16/03/2019 01:43h

The new “T-Rex Show” from Dinopolis, which inaugurates this weekend its new season, joins other developments, such as the theming of the area of the “Sauriopark”, which already form part of the great variety of contents that houses the theme park dedicated to the world of Paleontology.

Its Paleontological Museum, themed tours such as “Time Travel”, “The Last Minute”, the thematic areas as “terra Magna” are some of the areas in which the visitors can enjoy the sculptures to life-size dinosaurioss that showcases the park.

The “T-Rex” is the star

Dinopolis rejuvenates this season one of their shows more valued without losing their essence, given that the main actor remains a Tyrannosaurus rex animatrónico that recreates the movements of this dinosaur, but at the same time it has managed to reinforce its presence on the scene with an innovative lighting, which allows you to equip it with colors and textures unknown until now. The lighting, binds the image design of more than 15 minutes of effects of projection on a surface of over 300 m2, assembled to the theatrical space of the show, thanks to the addition of the “video mapping”.

To get a dramatic effect it has been necessary to the installation of a laser projector with a high light output (up to 18,000 lux) as well as a lens motorized wide-angle lens. All of this accompanied by the renewal of the sound, with new sounds, music and effects.

The “Sauriopark”, renovated

But in addition to this new show, visitors to the leisure park in teruel will be able to enjoy the new theming of the area of children’s attractions in the “Sauriopark“. Rubi and Riox to giant size, pets from the headquarters of Legendark (Galve) and Titania (Riodeva), have been chosen to host two slides, which along with the rest of pets of Dinopolis located in different areas of the theme park area, will allow the little ones to enjoy a new setting. The renovation has involved an investment of 152,000 euros financed through the Investment Fund for Teruel (FITE) and which forms part of the actions contained in the “Plan of Improvement and Enlargement of Dinopolis”.

The awards that can be achieved

Dinopolis expected to reach soon the 3 million visitors. A significant figure which, like all the accomplished by the paleontological park, will be celebrated in a special way. So, that becomes in your visitor 3 million will have prize: a movie trip of 1 week for 4 people to “Universal Studios” in Orlando (united States), where you can also enjoy the dinosaurs among its many attractions. One more reason without doubt to visit Dinópolis during this season of 2019, becoming the 3.000.000 from the park teruel opened its doors on 1 June 2001.

In addition, with the start of the season in the Dinopolis also coincides with the opening of the season at the 7 offices located in the towns of the province of Teruel: Legendark in Galve, Inhóspitak in Peñarroya de Tastavins, Region Ambry in Rubielos de Mora, Forest Stone in Castellote, Mar Nummus in Albarracín, Titania in Riodeva and Valcaria in Ariño. Those who purchase a ticket may request a visit to all of them or a bonus to the season of the park, the “Passport Territorio Dinópolis 2019”, which also allows them to enter the draw for a prize of 1,000 euros in the case of completion, as well as redeem it the next year by an invitation valid for the season 2020.

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