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“The filicidios are committed almost 70 percent of women”

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Only 10% of the total crime has a name of a woman. Thefts, robberies and, to a lesser extent scams and crimes against the public health, the famous “mules” of the drug, copan this statistic. “The crime of female is very closely linked to situations of lack of economic and malfunctions social and it can also give the hand to the mental illness. When we talk about crimes in the field of domestic statistics is reversed. There the woman is a victim much more than the man, on the part of the couple, but when we talk about the filicidio or the neonaticidio or even aggression to the elderly and the terms change. In the filicidio, kill the son, rondamos 70% of women authors and in the neonaticidio (committed in the first 24 hours of life) can reach 95%, this at a general level and at the level in tl”, affirms the lawyer and criminóloga Beatriz de Vicente. It is based on the collation of several international studies, but moves the data to our country. “The study that has been done in Spain in 2018 on cases from 2010 to 2012 gives reason to these statistics” (only in part because the sample is not sufficiently representative).

Report of Internal

The Ministry of the Interior published in 2018 a study based on 632 homicides (solved policialmente) committed between 2010 and 2012; 59.3% of all registered in that period. Of the 871 authors accounted for, 778 were male (89.32%) and 93 women (10,68%), but a third of the detainees acted in the scope of the family.

The report contains studies carried out in several countries that endorse the affirmation Of Vincent: “women kill far more than men at the household level, members of the family,” he says. In the x-ray Spanish, the study of the criminal typology and the relationship between murderer and victim met a woman killed with greater frequency than the male newborns (18.3% from 1.3%) and younger age (12.9 per cent versus 3.5%). “Women are the lesser of our customers and those that suffer violence from their partners or ex-partners,” says José Luis González guardia civil, a psychologist and member of the Cabinet of Coordination and Studies of the Secretariat of State of Security. Gonzalez is one of the five coordinators of the macromuestra homicide. “But if you see a baby in a landfill or abandoned in any place, the author is going to be the mother almost one hundred percent,” he adds. Are the neonaticidios referred to Vicente and international studies.

“We have the vision of that crime female is not a social problem statistics, but we can’t assess it only by statistics. There are cases, however, tremendous as the Ana Julia,” says Paz Velasco, a lawyer and criminóloga. “The lower the age of the victim the more chance there is that the author is a woman who takes care of you; your mother or someone very close,” agrees Gonzalez.

A study conducted in 2006 by the psychologist and forensic Rosa Sáez on 31 statements of filicidios, with 42 victims, points out that the increased risk of filicidio is concentrated in the under three years of age and 19% are revenge of the aggressor against the spouse (the so-called syndrome of Medea or murder gender extended), with cases like that of José Bretón and the first sentenced to permanent prison that killed his two daughters with a radial. The fathers and mothers, murderers kill with poison, burns, neglect, trauma, and strangulation. The horror between the walls.

“There is a sector of feminist exacerbated that does not allow the overall vision of the woman. We are master of manipulation and psychological abuse. And there is a hidden truth: that of the abused men,” adds Vincent.

The alleged killer of Godella, Maria G. M., in prison for killing her two children of three years and five months, is the last case of filicidio airy and combines some of the characteristics associated with this type of crimes. According to the medical reports, it has suffered up to four outbreaks psychotic.

A hundred

In the filicidio the involvement of the mental disorders is very high. When you kill the child beyond the 24 hours disorders, psychosis and mental illnesses are very common; however in the neonaticidios appear more anomalies, economic problems, shame on you”, points out Vincent. “It is normal that appear depressive states because it is a behavior contrary to the perpetuation of the species”.

Between 2013 and 2017 were killed in Spain 102 children in the family, according to the INE. The film festival fits in a filicidio psychotic. The there is revenge (Medea), altruistic (crazy ideas to save them), negligent, functional (they clog), for honor or shame; as a couple ( as of Asunta Basterra), and even in a group. The evil in all of its versions.

Velasco and Vicente radiografiaron a few days in Madrid to the women’s “bad” during the first day of “Women and Criminology”. Both focused on the woman as an agent of the criminal activity (which impacted on the reduced number) with arguments suggestive and data that support. “There are three characteristics which differentiate the man and the woman criminal,” explains Velasco. “The first, victimology: the man killer out to hunt a victim, selected according to parameters that meet their fantasies, opportunity or chance; women are gatherers. Going to be murdered, to attack those who know and are within their immediate environment: children, husbands, parents. In the case of the angels of death chooses its victims at your habitat or workplace. Women very seldom go out to hunt. The paradigmatic case are those couples lethal in that bind a man and a woman; then it changes the victimology because he is the one that chooses; the motivation comes guided by him (sex, sadism, or control) and the modus operandi also varies because it is the predominant from the male.”

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