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May and Corbyn breaks the dialogue of the Brexit between reproaches and mutual

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Updated:18/05/2019 02:30

The leader of labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, gave yesterday completed talks with Theresa May to seek a common plan for the Brexti, under the argument of “instability” in the bosom of the Conservative Party, which belongs to the prime minister. This, in turn, blamed the rupture of the vision in the main party of the opposition.

The dialogue between the two has not lasted or month and a half. The last 3 of April, took place a first meeting between May and Corbyn, in the middle of the lock in the process of exit of the Uk from the EU, which has led them to delay the date of Brexit on the 29th of march to the 31st of October.

The talks “have gone as far as they could,” says Corbyn in the letter made public yesterday, the very day after the “premier” commitment to submit at the beginning of June, a schedule for its own relay in the charge. This same Thursday in that May communicated his intention to address the Committee in 1922, in charge of the internal processes of the “tories”, the former minister of Foreign Affairs and face the highlight of the Brexit hard Boris Johnson confirmed in an act to entrepreneurs in Manchester his candidacy for the leadership of the conservatives.

Despite the fact that the leading labour party, highlights the “good faith” of both in this short dialogue process and appreciates the efforts to reach out to “common ground”, his judgment has become clear that they have been “unable to bridge substantial policy differences” between them.

“Instability” of the government

And even more important than that, he points out, “the growing weakness and instability of its government assumes that there can be confidence in that which we can agree between us is assured.” Corbyn believes that the advertisement May waive the fee and open competition to succeed her make that “the government’s position is even more unstable and that their authority has been eroded”. In fact, remember that proposals of the negotiating team of the prime minister have been contradicted by members of his own cabinet.

The leader of the opposition concluded his letter by reiterating that, if there are no relevant changes, his party will continue to oppose the agreement of the government, considering that does not safeguard the jobs, living standards and the manufacturing industry in Great Britain”.

The House of Commons will debate and vote the draft law of the withdrawal agreement from the EU at the beginning of June and, in particular, from day 4, when deputies will return after a period of recess. It will be the fourth time that the proposal May be voted on after three setbacks so far. In those same days, from 3 to 5 June, the president of the united states, Donald Trump, will conduct a State visit to the United Kingdom.

If the Camera does not pass legislation to ratify the Brexit before the pause of the summer, the options available will then be “considerably more unpleasant”, warned yesterday sources in Downing Street cited by Reuters.

The first minister replied yesterday to the criticisms of Corbyn yesterday blaming the failure of the negotiations, the divisions of labour on a second referendum on the Brexit. In an act of campaign for the next european elections held in Bristol, said that the talks had made progress, but added that it was not possible to overcome “the fact that there is a common position in the Labour Party about whether they want to carry out the Brexit or hold a second referendum and try to overturn it”.

After the failure of the negotiations, the Executive May weighs already proĆ³ximos steps to take, among them to attract the deputies dissenting, according to a spokesman for the “premier”. In this sense, according to the sources, the head of the british Government intends to make every effort to ensure the support of a parliamentary to his plans among the members of his own party, the Conservative, and the northern irish DUP, which contributes to sustain the gobieno after the conservatives lost the majority in the elections of 2017.

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