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Trigonometry delivery to the PP the presidency of the Canary islands

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Las Palmas de Gran CanariaUpdated:13/06/2019 04:26h

The president of the PP of the Canary islands, Asier Antona, 42, is a native of La Palma, the island which after the Peace of Basel, the French, for the space of 24 hours, thought that was part of his empire. They sent up ships to hoist the flag designed by the marquis de Lafayette with all the living forces of palms waiting to come out in defense of the national sovereignty.

Something similar has happened to the socialist party: he was able to have the regional chair, but for not knowing how to be in the reality, has lost it. The PP of the Canary islands offered on Monday the head of the Government of the Canary islands to the socialists. The nationalists of the canaries, and in 24 hours, last Tuesday, responded by giving the PP the presidency autonomic. This starfruit was developed by ABC last may 31.

In the regional elections of the 26-M, PP turned out to be the third force of the Canary islands after coalición Canaria (CC) and the PSOE. The socialist astonished on Monday to the negotiating team of Antona and removed it from its “directory” the discourse of the left of all life: they wanted to make deals with the New Canary (left pro-sovereignty) and the neochavistas of we Can. Now they are left without a presidency and regional network of councils and town councils in the key islands that offered the PP.

To execute this operation in trigonometry parliamentary, PP and Citizens have joined forces. Citizens are not supported to Fernando Clavijo to the re-election because he is accused after a complaint of when he was the mayor of La Laguna (Tenerife). And the institutional management of the candidate of the PSOE, Angel Victor Torres, is being investigated. That is to say: it may be that in brief is as investigated.

At the end, to unlock the CC proposes to the PP the presidency of the Canary islands to which is added “mioría gomera” and Cs. This is the first time since 1993 that a party of national court presides over the region. CC, born of the rulers of the canary islands UCD, CDS and rubble of the PCE, has opted to maintain power to the autonomous communities, town councils and local governments that do not send. The end of the story of the French in The Palm was that it created a law of ports which allowed France to do business in the Canary islands and not to lose control options in the Atlantic.

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