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The institutes and colleges of Madrid with the best and worst note in selectivity

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Updated:13/06/2019 03:12pm

The center of education of the city of Madrid with the best average rating in the last five courses is the institute for public San Mateo, the only center of high Excellence of the capital, in the neighborhood of Malasaña (Center). Leader in recent years, the past year, however, was surpassed by the T. E. M. S, private, in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca.

This Friday, June 14, published the notes of the selectivity 2019 in the Community of Madrid. When the ministry of Education make public the average of the centres is to know if the IES San Mateo retrieves the first place, if the T. E. M. S. consolidated, or if a new centre leading the list.

The leadership of the T. E. M. S. (The English Montessori School, Madrid) in the course 2017-2018 was a surprise compared to his grades the previous years. The 18 students submitted to the evaluation of access to the University earned an average rating of 8.64. However, the average of the centre in the last five years is far behind, nearly a point below.

Even so, the average of 7,65, is the second best of the capital, surpassed only by the 8,28 of San Mateo, only center of the city with high Excellence, and that it presents each year a hundred students to the entrance exams to the University. The average of the last five years has been calculated from the average grade of the block of compulsory/general phase of each centre in the Assessment for the access to the University (EvAU), known as selectivity, diffused by the Community of Madrid.

The third centre with the best average in the last five years is the private Montealto (Fuencarral-El Pardo), with a 7,44. The fourth, concerted, is Abacus (Latin), a 7,37 among the half of students that are presented. The first among the examined selectivity by an average of more than a hundred students a year is the private Mater Salvatoris (Moncloa-Aravaca), with an average score of 7,33.

Public, concerted and private

Among the first ten with the best average mark for the last five years, one is public, three are private, subsidised centres and six are private. Among the ten worst media also predominantly private, with eight centers. The worst positioned are Paul VI (Tétouan) and Guzmán El Bueno (Chamartín), with scores below four. The other two centers are public: Numancia (Bridge of Vallecas) and Enrique Tierno Galván (Usera), both below five.

The big differences between some private schools and other makes than the global average of the 39 centers in the capital with this ownership 6,20; superior to that of the 88 public, with an average of 5.95; and overcome by the 157 concluded, with an average of 6,40, more balanced in their scores. The concluded with better half, after the Abacus (Latin), are Jesus the Teacher (Chamberí), Our Lady of Providence (Usera) and St. Augustine (Chamartín), this last with over a hundred students examined each course.

The district where public schools have earned half a better note in the last five years, from 2013-2014 to 2017-2018, is Arganzuela, a 6,77, thanks to the scores of their two centers managed by the Community of Madrid, the Great Captain and the Juan de la Cierva. Among districts with more than two public institutions that offer Baccalaureate, the Center is the highest average score, thanks especially to the IES San Mateo. Its seven public centres obtained a mean of 6,43, better than the average semi-private and private of the district. On the opposite side, the public of Tetouan are the ones who get worse, by an average of 5,20 between the Jaime Vera and Our Lady of the Almudena.

If we have the centres of any type of ownership, public, semi-public and private, Tetouan is still the worst average score, 5.69, followed by Puente de Vallecas and Carabanchel. The best media are Moncloa-Aravaca (6,83), Arganzuela, Retiro and Villa de Vallecas.

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