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TUI “jumps” of the Canary islands to the caribbean, african

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Las Palmas de Gran CanariaUpdated:17/06/2019 03:00

TUI, the tour operator that controls 23% of the business of the Canary islands, trade, next to RIU Hotels & Resorts, a figure close to 900 rooms in Senegal to open the business to the european demand. RIU will ejcutar an investment of 150 million euros in the construction of two fixed assets on the west coast of Senegal, where he has acquired 25 acres of land.

It is not known, for the moment, if this business unit will depend on the division canaria RIU. The network of five hotels that RIU has in Cape Verde providing logistics solutions through the Canary islands. The shipping company Boluda has driven a line in the cold from the Peninsula with a stopover in the Canary islands to ensure the food quality.

In the islands, companies with Emicela have operations with the hospitality industry Spanish which operates in this market in africa. The airline more passengers to move between the Canary islands and Cape Verde is TUI Fly. In regular operations, Binter Canarias.

RIU Hotels has since February 2019 3.56% of TUI. 50% of a subsidiary’s hotel mallorca is a property of UIC since 2004. The project of RIU the area senegalese Pointe Sarène consists of lifting a hotel with 500 rooms and a RIU Palace, with a capacity for around 800 guests. The works are expected to begin next November.

The new international airport Blaise-Diagne, located 35 kilometres of the land acquired by the chain, and a highway that links it to the city of Dakar, has facilitated the investment.

Complementary to this motorway and the project of the hotel chain, is carried out the construction of a diversion that will join the track with this new destination under development in the RIU cooperates with the Society for the restoration and Promotion of the Coast and Tourist Area of Senegal.

The past month of may, TUI has announced the launch of its new online catalogue “Senegal, Gambia and Cape Verde 2019-2020”, a few emerging destinations for the Spanish market. In this scenario, TUI operates with Royal Horizon Baobab, Palm Beach Hotel, Royal Saly Hotel, Club Hotel Filaos Hotel Royam Hotel at premium prices, of time, to the Canary product of the taasas aerial and expenses of transport from the european market.

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