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More and Puigdemont agreed in Waterloo and on the back of Torra

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BarcelonaUpdated:12/07/2019 02:12pm

The agreement to deliver the Barcelona Provincial council to the socialist Nuria Marín closed Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont 15 days ago in Waterloo, behind the backs of Quim Torra, who learned from the press when the news was filtered.

For Puigdemont, this decision responds to the hatred that feels by the Left in general and for Oriol Junqueras. Also the factor of personal influences in politics. In addition, the socialists offered to maintain and eventually extend the contract of 6,000 euros a month with his wife, Marcela Topor, by presenting a weekly program on the network of local televisions that depend on this institution. With this has been enough to Puigdemont to “break the unity of the pro-independence”, which both reproached CKD when the republicans wanted to run in the elections with their trademark poll and not under the umbrella of a joint candidacy.

For Artur Mas, the pact with the socialists is the beginning of a strategy of more long-range. The county Council will be a benchmark for future agreements that may affect the Generalitat. On his return to the political —party— But want to recover the centrality policy convergence and union, and to do this, judges must change to Left by the PSC as a partner of reference.

Both Puigdemont as for More, Quim Torra is a junior employee who also does not understand the policy, and consider that its task is not to understand things, but to obey orders.

If Ada Colau in the town Hall had the justification to continue being mayor to “kill” Esquerra and accept the votes of Citizens, the Council, the converging can’t even use the obtaining of the presidency as an excuse for having marginalized Esquerra. It has been purely a strategic change of allies.

The drive for independence has always been more of a wish than a reality. It was a need for convergence and union and a submission for Esquerra. CUP never heard, because despite the fact that there is a majority of deputies independence in the Parliament, it is a numerical majority, rhetoric, that has not been articulated politically from the declaration of independence on 27 October 2017.

The current gap between the two major parties does not presuppose that an advance poll, no one cares about —except perhaps to the PSC— but it is, by how it has been produced, a humiliation for Torra, who only left a riot of inevitable fate prison to quench, nor that it is only with a mock your cravings become History.

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