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Shoemaker admits that in his mandate it generated a bubble of 29.281 million

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Updated:12/07/2019 03:55h

The former president of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, acknowledged yesterday that during his mandate between 2004 and 2011, we generated a bubble in the renewable sector to encourage and give bonuses to the generation of electricity with wind energy and, above all, with solar photovoltaics (pv). That bubble has generated a tariff deficit (difference between income of regulated activities and costs) of 29.281 million euros during their two governments.

During his intervention at the presentation of the report “Statistical Review of World Energy 2019” BP, Zapatero justified this situation in which Spain “has a tendency” to cause bubbles. “As soon as there is a sector that is encouraged, that is premium, that there is expectation of demand, for the risk you have there is immediately the bubble”. Know me”.

He recalled that with the installation of the renewable energy “was made as with the mortgages, “because such rights “were cards, are packaged” and were purchased by investment funds. He stated that “there was a bubble, but we live a great transformation and our installed capacity of renewable energy has taken a leap extraordinary.”

Remember that the tariff deficit was created in the year 2000 by the second Government of José María Aznar, for among other reasons and as he himself has acknowledged, the fee of the light was used as a political weapon and to balance the inflation. The deficit of that year was 250 million euros.

In 2008, with Miguel Sebastián the minister of Industry, in our country installed a record (not yet passed) of 2.718 megawatts (MW) of solar power photovoltaics (pv), with a cost 80% higher than the current. The deficit of that year was of 6.287 million euros.

The gap had exceeded the 30,000 million euros in 2013, when the Rajoy Government decided to put an end to that bubble that threatened to be more severe than that of the dealer. The following year was the first in which the electrical system generated surplus (550,3 million euros). The deficit at the close of 2018 was 18.851 million euros and will not be paid by consumers until 2028.

Zapatero added that there is to be “demanding” in the policy objectives of climate change, because he believes that “it is better to beginning of objectives of the highest level”, as the Government of Pedro Sanchez, who asked him to “be brave”. The energy transition “is the most important challenge of civilization” and climate change is a certainty indispensable,” he said.

On Venezuela, he commented that “I have been for the last three or four years working for you try that in Venezuela there was a catastrophe of civil war”, and pointed out that, for that reason knows “all the internals of the competition that there is set. And would not what happens in Venezuela if it weren’t the country with the most oil reserves in the world. As well of course.”

For his part, the chairman of BP Spain, Luis Aires, said that “there is some risk in the present that will create another burburja in renewables because they are gaining rights to speculate, which will drive up prices”.

Technological neutrality

He stated that renewables “are essential in the energy transition, but for a decarbonisation quick in the generation of electricity are required all the energies, like natural gas.” He added that “we defend technological neutrality“, that is to say, an energy transition “quickly and at the lowest cost”.

He also went back to ask for measures to renew the fleet Spanish, since the media has an age of 12.5 years. “The doubts of the consumer to buy a car for the day today, given that the electric ones are still very expensive, and increases the age of the vehicles and, therefore, it triggers the emission of greenhouse gases“.

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