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The Wolves of “¡Boom!!!”: a herd of geniuses millionaires

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Gulf of Bothnia. With that response, it unleashed the madness. The Wolves, after more than 500 programmes and two years, they had solved the fifteen pumps of the final round of “¡Boom!!!”. Between confetti, hugs and jumps, with the “We are the Champions” as its soundtrack, Manu, Erundino, Valentin and Alberto made history by winning the biggest prize in the history of television in Antenna 3: 6.689.700 euros. They were millionaires. To his side, Juanra Bonet, presenter of the competition, was speechless. More than four million spectators celebrated the Monday with them from their homes. Although they managed the feat on June 20, the members of this group, so cults like humble, they are still “in a cloud” that does not want to lose.

Don’t forget your fifth partner, the salamanca José Pinto, farmer by profession, who after leaving the program suddenly passed away in February after suffering a heart attack. “I remember that her sisters were the first to congratulate us. I called Olga (sister of Joseph) to tell and while she gave us the congratulations, I heard your husband in the background: “Is it right””, he recalls Erundino.

Interestingly, the story of the Wolf (or Lupus, as they were going to be called in the beginning) starts with Valentine’s day. Or, rather, Victory (is name foreshadowing?), his wife, who was the one that encouraged him to create a team to go to ” – Boom!”. Then, Valentine’s day, I was going on a disease and won 250 euros per month as a university professor of Art. “The intention was to make money, but once tucked into the scrub as we did not think much of enel, but to make programs pretty. The first one that I called was to Erundino. We compete against each other in “Know and win” but we did a good friendship. It was my first bet and it has proven that it is fantastic. Then I tried with Antonio Ruiz, but he was about to go to the “Pasapalabra”. And ended up winning the Rosco!”, explains Valentine.

Joseph, the “animal television personality overflowing”, also came to “Know and win”, like the other four wolves. The rancher did not hesitate to join this elite team, although he ended up leaving the program 373 for personal reasons, taking their part of the money they earned until then. “And I came in at the low of a companion,” jokes Manu, a film critic. “We take a beer an hour before the casting and it went well. Although it took me 90 programs start to get loose,” she recalls. The last signing, following the departure of Joseph, he was Alberto, a retired teacher: “so bland that I was, and replaced Joseph. I think that what people like is that on the screen we appear as we are”. “At the end, the key is the naturalness. We each have a distinct personality, but there’s chemistry and that comes down,” says Manu. “As physical… not,” jokes Albert.

Marathon recordings

Each week, different members of this batch of elite they traveled to Barcelona to record eight deliveries of “¡Boom!!!”, four each day. “Keep the concentration during all the program was very difficult,” claimed the litter. The program that won the jackpot was the third on the first day of filming. “It has been very complicated. I have been able to record because there was a train that stopped in Guadalajara, if not he would not have come with vacation days”, account Erundino, forestry engineer by profession. “I’ve also been able to get around to it because I always participated in the campaign of fire in the summer, which led to the free days, he recovered and in recordings,” adds the wolf to be more “encyclopedic”.

Although all four agree that the preparation “comes home”, studied possible questions of today thanks to the notes of Manu, the most analytical. Valentine’s day, in addition, prepared lists of possible topics of general culture: countries, capitals, inventions… “The limit between the questions obvious and the impossible are the ones that can be made, beautiful. It was already a bit like us against the writers”, joke. “I studied ten world, and stopped to ask those questions,” says Manu. In your pulse to disable the bombs, even adivinaban what the writer did each question. And they imagined the “ideal”: “I missed the question from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wale. It is fantastic, you go link by link. Also expected to ask about the relationship of Voltaire with the clocks”, he invents the cheerful Valentine’s day. “I expected a question of any president, such as Georgia or Blangadesh”, adds Alberto. Manu –that concursaba every day with a bracelet in the pocket and his underpants “Boom”, green for the first day of recordings and black for the second– breathed relieved when asked by Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the first woman prime minister in the world, in Sri Lanka.

Before leaving the set, they gave a tap on the back. In the “point of Fafner”, something like the heel of Achilles in the mythology of the germans. “We turned, and took us to the maximum concentration, point to these “Avengers” in the know. Despite the strain of the competition, have not had major disagreements. “If we didn’t agree on a question or we failed we analyzed in a minute what I had to learn and with a clean slate and because the program continued, and if you descentrabas you ended up failing and home,” ditch Manu, the usual carrier of the pliers.

At this time, The Wolves, even became experts on television and in their different strategies: “All the days we used to look at the audience. He gave us a bit of anger management from the competition, extend the program so that the figures may change”, they acknowledge Erundino and Valentine’s day.

The pot of the Treasury

Despite the fact that the four cohorts have been drawn to partner the pot of 6.689.700 euros, you will not earn the same, as reported by the journalist of this house, Javier Tahiri. The reason for this is that each one of the winners resides in an autonomous community different: the most you will pay is the alicante Valentine’s day, and the least Manu and Erundino, residents in the Community of Madrid, though they be of Navarra and Guadalajara, respectively. While each one will receive 1.672.425 euros gross, in the four cases Atresmedia will give them the award with a retention of 19%, that is to say, 317.760,75 euros.

Subsequently, when the next year to make the Income statement in this exercise, you will get to pay the difference with tax rates that apply in each community. The two who live in Madrid will be the least paid in total to the Treasury (about 715.890 euros, that is to say, the Treasury will be a total of 42.8% of the award) while the province of alicante, will be the highest-paying: 788.436 euros, a 47,14% award: 72.546,32 euros more than Madrid. Finally, Alberto, the andalusian, it will pay to the Treasury, around 787.400 euros in total (47%).

“This type of income outliers should be taxed with a taxation lower. If you win every year, I understand, but this is only going to happen once in the life. Those who earn a lot have a mechanism to evade taxes, I think that is not well adjusted,” says Valentine. “It is an obligation to contribute to the public finances and we have spent a lot of time defending the public, we firmly believe. But I subscribe to everything that has been said Valentin, should have the ocasionalidad of this revenue,” stresses Erundino. Also Manu insists on the excessive taxation of this income only. “The law is made for contests of a day, we have thrown away two years ago. I at least would put a type akin to a Lottery”, raises. Only Alberto seems to comply with the bite of the treasury. “I dropped in function of what was gained. I have been officer and then retired and the money is taken out of there,” he insists.

And now… what?

“For the moment, I think to enjoy life. I am going to buy a piano and I’m going to learn to play it”, confesses to Valentine’s day. “On my return to the routine has not changed much. I go back to the dole queue, but with a good mattress, so to me ” – Boom!” has given me peace of mind. Yes, I’ll give you some fancy, such as a tour of New Zealand,” adds Manu, who will continue to write movie reviews and not discarded to try their luck in other trades “creative,” as the scriptwriter. “We know what it takes to win the money and we will spend it”, refers to Alberto, that’s not going to change his retirement life.

“I have to think yet what to do, to me my work I love. It is a time to rethink everything”, poses Erundino. “I have no intention of returning to work,” ditch Valentine, laughing. Not planning to return to television in the short-term. Even the unbeatable Wolves deserve to rest, but leave a little orphan to their audience.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/play/television/noticias/abci-boom-lobos-boom-manada-genios-millonarios-201907140400_noticia.html

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