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Macron seal today with Merkel’s initiative in european defence

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Updated:14/07/2019 03:05h

Pedro Sánchez does not participate in the working lunch that will gather today at the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, the secretary general of NATO and other european personalities, to confirm your participation in the european Initiative of intervention (IEI), conceived as a “culmination” of successive “pillars” of a yet-to-distant Europe of the defense.

The food will be the “culmination” of the european commemoration of the 14 July, French national day, celebrated, input, with the launch of a new nuclear submarine of attack, the Friday, followed, today, Sunday, with the traditional grand parade of the armed forces in the avenue of the Champs-Elysées, between the place de la Concorde (the former Revolution square, where he was installed the guillotine, between 1789 and 1793) and the Arc de Triomphe, built to the greater glory of the military victories of Napoleon.

In the food of the Elysée palace, convened by French president, will participate the president of Finland, the president of the Portuguese Republic, the president of the Republic of Estonia, the prime minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the prime minister of the Kingdom of Belgium and the president of the european Commission. Spain will be represented by Margarita Robles, the minister of Defense. By Macron, this is to present a front to the european united, in security and defence issues, coinciding with the day of your national holiday, commemorated with a big military parade.

A Plan for a european army

The european Initiative intervention (IEI) is a project launched by the French president in the autumn of 2017, a few months after his election as head of state. This is a new variant of the successive projects of “european pillar” of defence, culminating, now, with the project to develop a “common culture of security and defence”, developing a new power project of european intervention, with the means and ambitions to variable geometry.

The IEI is part of a long trail of initiatives, from the French, English and German, trying to lay the foundations of the european pillar of the Atlantic Alliance, an array of common security, inextricably linked to NATO. Thirty-seven years after the failure of the European Defence Community (EDC), François Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl, created in 1989, the franco-German Brigade (BFA), an embryo of a distant “european army”, which continues to work in missions, bilateral and multilateral.

In Saint-Malo, in 1998, London and Paris, they articulated a kind of “common front” formed by the two major nuclear powers to europe, hoping to associate with the rest of the allies, in a field tired of complex, suggesting the possibility and capacity for military action and common joint.

The Security Policy and Common Defence policy (CSDP), painstakingly designed in the treaties of Maastricht (1992), Nice (2000) and Lisbon (2006), has allowed us to continue moving forward, slowly, until the reform of the defence policy of 2016.

A year later, after their election, Emmanuel Macron advanced to their first ideas on the future of security and defence, european conference of the Sorbonne in the fall of 2017. Months later, on June 25, 2018, nine member States of the European Union (EU) signed a new project of “structural cooperation permanent” on security issues, promising to create a “military doctrine of common defence” with the purpose of be capable of deploying an intervention force, with its own budget.

In the military parade of French national day, this Sunday, participating units of all the countries that have taken on the project of IEI. It will be a symbolic gesture, but important: troops engaged in the common security of Europe, allied with but “independent” of “big brother”, america’s military.

In the Elysee palace, Emmanuel Macron will bring together the heads of State and government allies, in the absence of the president of the Spanish Government in functions, Pedro Sanchez. No decisions will be taken in this food is highly symbolic.

The european allies will be accompanied by the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, “detail” that you may not escape in Washington.

The european pillar of the Atlantic Alliance affirms its cohesion and independence, the united around the nuclear arsenal of France and the United Kingdom.

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