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In Common to and Can challenges to Churches and non-waiver of a referendum

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Updated:22/07/2019 02:00

One of the arguments employed by the PSOE to reject a coalition government with United we Can was the posture of the purples with respect to the Catalan question. “If this legislature, before the doors of a judgment of the Supreme Court in a few months, the pro-independence people are back to doing something like what they did two years ago how United we Can is going to support the Government of Spain in the hypothetical application, that I do not desire, of the article 155 of the Constitution?”, said Pedro Sanchez, when the estrangement with Paul’s Churches seemed insurmountable.

To bridge that gap, since We and city council Can be assured that acpetaban the “red lines” that the PSOE imposed on Catalonia, particularly with regard to the demand for a referendum. Churches remachaba pointing out that it would be taking “with loyalty to the leadership of the socialist party in the Catalan question”. The preventions of socialism in this area were not unfounded, and yesterday, Jaume Asens, a member of parliament and a leader in the Congress In the Commune Can, I insisted on the claim of a referendum to resolve the lawsuit Catalan. In an interview on Catalunya Ràdio, Asens on the Catalan question said wager by creating a “table of dialogue” you put the marker to zero, to address any possibility, including in this case a referendum, a covenant of clarity to the canadian or any other proposal that the PSOE to solve the political conflict. “The referendum obviously, we do not reject because we believe that is the formula to get out of the impasse in which we are”, he added.

It is clear that the red line that promised not to pass on Pablo Iglesias is quite a bit more diffuse for some members of the gru po purple in the Congress. It is the case, obviously of Jaume Asens, historic lawyer’s movement “squat” in Barcelona, a person of the utmost confidence of Churches and that always stood out for being one of the more advanced members of the sector, pro-sovereignty, independence, rather, of the commons in Catalonia.

Little time

On the other hand, and with regard to the negotiations with the PSOE, spokesperson At city council and Can in the Congress said that “making vice-president, Irene Montero would be a possibility, should not be ruled out”, although he declined to specify, ensuring that it still has not reached the stage of names. “Although we have little time and we’re going to trial, there are issues that must be resolved for that to occur,” he added. Asens confirmed that they have begun “some contacts and negotiation” that you want it to be “discreet”. “In the last few weeks we have used too much to the media to talk about between us, and now is the first moment in which the PSOE is in compliance with the discretion that we believe needs to occur in this type of conversations.”

United we Can want to, he added Asens, have guarantees that agreed with the PSOE of “Saved”, in reference to the interview that you granted to Pedro Sanchez to the program of the Sixth in which he pressures of economic powers to vote in favour of the investiture of Mariano Rajoy in 2016, and showed his profile more leftist.

Division at JpC

The margin of the position and requirements In Common and Can, parties of independence are still debating what to do with respect to the endowment. While CKD is the way it seems to adhere to an abstention if finally there is a pact between the PSOE and we Can –”by us will not be,” said Gabriel Ruffian– the debate is much more power in Junts per Catalunya. Hence the fracture is evident. While the prisoners and the PDECat advocate not to block the inauguration, the most ultra of the pro-independence, clustered environment Quim Torra, and deputies faithful to Puigdemont, are inclined to not.

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