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Errejón, a weapon of The Moncloa to pressure Churches

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MadridUpdated:22/07/2019 01:58h

Before that Íñigo Errejón’s decision on whether More Madrid concurriría in a hypothetical advance of elections, in some corners of The Moncloa began to expand weeks the damage they would cause to Paul’s Churches. The plumbers of the Government wanted to build the story from below: generate the concern in the training abode that if finally block the investiture of Pedro Sanchez this Thursday heading into the disaster. But we Can hold up the pulse and party supplies warn that they should be “more worried” by Errejón, it is the PSOE.

Since the environment of Churches blame the chief of staff of Sanchez, Ivan Round, you want to have an advance election to laminate a we Can and ensure that the PSOE is looking for “excuses” to force new elections. They also believe that The Moncloa is waving Over Madrid to get them their fear of an advance poll. Wielding even behind the scenes, the results of the past 26-M for its narrative cale. More Madrid broke through with 20 seats and 14.6 percent of votes, ranking as the fourth political force in the Assembly of Madrid, while We could only managed seven representatives, of the 27 that I had before, and 5.5 percent.

However, the leaders purple not they’re More worried about Madrid, or at least that expressing of doors to the outside, and for its part ensure that the fracture over the left, the PSOE also run the risk of losing electorate. Errejón has become a weapon between the two formations. By way of example, there are those who remember Can, despite his pratfall in the Community of Madrid, the socialists were this may in the same 37 seats they had on the autonomic 2015. That is to say, not rascaron votes purple enough, and despite climbing 25.4 percent 27.3 the tenths did not translate into more representation.

Offer unaffordable

For that Sanchez is appointed to be president of the Government this week will have to come to an agreement with Churches — before next Thursday — anticipated very complicated in spite of the recent movements. After that the socialist candidate would reveal that the “stumbling block” for the coalition was the secretary general of we Can, Churches took a step back, but subject to the support of his group to a number of ministers in proportion to the votes” of the 28-A. “I have been thinking and I’m not going to be the excuse for the PSOE avoid a coalition Government,” said leader of we Can, that was proposed by the socialists, a Council of Ministers with five or six ministries purple.

The new offer we Can it is impractical for the PSOE, which seeks a government one and want to avoid the environment of Churches within. As explained yesterday the pages of ABC, the last steps take up a negotiation broken but the relationships between the two parties are even more strained. The only support insured that I had Sanchez for the vote tomorrow at the close of this edition remained the deputy of the PRC. The numbers lead to a investiture failed, and in The Moncloa are already preparing the electoral terrain. The different forces parliamentary see the 10-N, the date for the advancement chosen by the PSOE, every day more near.

“I don’t rule out almost anything,”

During an interview at The World, wondering if More Madrid concurriría to a few seconds, elections, Errejón was expressed that if More Madrid “would serve as inspiration in other places we would be”. And he continued: “In politics I’ve learned not to rule out almost nothing.” Sources in parliament than they have had contact with Errejón in the last few days not rule out that the leader of More Madrid to attend with their platform if the 10 of November the spaniards were called to the polls. In fact, they do not reject that even as the allied force of the other formation in some territory. Although make it clear that for now are all the future without specifying.

Whatever your final decision, Errejón will be able to go testing relationships with other groups of the left in the Senate. Forward Andalucia, critical conjuncture with the direction of we Can, and In Common and Can, the Catalan brand, broke on Thursday in the upper Chamber with the formation of Churches, and will now join the group of More Madrid, Compromís and MÉS per Mallorca. “There are clearly site to another progressive force is not sectarian”, stoked Errejón during your interview, before it was known the rupture of the confluences with his former party.Also the president of the Government on functions supported this idea during an interview on cadena Ser. In We must “reflect” and to choose “if they want to be a force useful to the left or a force that goes against the conglomerate of people, of social movements, what you are waiting for is for there to be a progressive Government,” said Sanchez, who abounded as well in the demobilisation and the discontent of the electorate than we Can by pointing out a hole to the other force left.

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