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How to dress in each event of the summer

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El azul marino nunca falla
The navy blue never fails – Instagram @mango_man

A few dates we put a text in exclusive to how to go dress to a wedding without a tie or even without a suit as long as the context of this allows. The options for this type of events have multiplied, thanks to the diversity with which we now focus.

If you do not want to risk -something intelligent being the event of nature, in general, classical-, the navy suit combo with shoes -black or brown – white shirt and tie to taste is always a hit. But if you think that the event is a informal point, you can leave the tie at home, or even dare to combine chinese with american of a different nature.


Traje sin corbata como etiqueta más utilizada
Suit without a tie as the label-most-used – Instagram @andresvelencoso

The formality of a christening is less than that of a wedding. Tend to be events more familiar and, therefore, more content in the celebration. Does not mean you can not wear a suit and tie, but a priori there is no need to do so.

The blazer will be, without a doubt, your best companion to this type of acts. Combine with a few fashionable shoes, a pair of trousers to match and a white shirt, and you’ll have the perfect look for this day.

Party on the beach

El blanco será tu mejor elección
The white will be your best choice – Instagram @hm_man

Sounds like a summer movie, but the festivities on the beach there, if only to enjoy those who live near it or are on vacation. For these cases, although it is pretty hackneyed, the white continues to be the preferred option. Even if it is only by the good vibes that transmits and because it is a color that men never are dressed to the full, whether it is worth to dare.

If the excess white gives you a bad feeling, with a white shirt of linen, the fabric that has no rival in this class of quotations, it is sufficient. And if you think that can refresh, do not forget the thin jacket.


Las barbacoas no tienen por qué hacerte perder tu estilo
Barbecues don’t have to make you lose your style – Instagram @tommyhilfiger

Not all of them are flip flops surfing, swimwear, prints and t-shirts of straps. It is time for change. You can keep the look sporty but with a lot more style by changing the t-shirt shoulder straps for short sleeve, for example -although you want to pack your swimsuit if it is held next to a swimming pool, and a sport single or a few canvas shoes quality.

And if you want to raise the level of formality without losing the freshness in the clothes chosen, the bermuda shorts and polo are your choice. You have a thousand ways to combine these two items to not fall into monotony, and you can even give it a touch of trend if the top with a pair of ‘ugly shoes’.

Dinners with friends

Da rienda suelta a tu creatividad
Unleash your creativity – Instagram @boss

The body calls the meetings of friends, and if they have a large house with a garden even more. Are dinners relatively informal, so that it is an environment conducive to risk-taking, and to give free rein to your creative freedom. Do not let be something intimate, of confidence, so I will forgive you if you go a bit hand in hand with the avant-garde. Test with any combination of air retro, with some polo original design on the inside of the pants, or even a shirt of short sleeve “bowling alley”.

We are not crazy; if you don’t believe, inspired by the great Donald Draper (‘Mad Men’) or in any of the men of that brilliant and award-winning fiction that is ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. Fashion sesentera in the universe male is more alive than ever.

Sporting event

Las camisetas básicas nunca fallan
The basic t-shirts never fail – Instagram @shawnmendes

Tennis tournaments, sailing events or golf, even a game of football when the season started walking. Outdoor sport not to in summer, and it is possible that you have tickets for any competition. Freedom is absolute except for a few exceptions -some time ago that the codes of each sport were recommendation and tradition, and not so much in obligation-but if you want to hit yes or yes, choose a garment with a collar.

Of course, in this case, since the heat is very present, combine it with some bermuda shorts. The alternative to the neck are the basic t-shirts of cotton, smooth and round neck. On the feet, to your taste, but depends on the degree of formality that surrounds the sport in question.

Cultural event

Pantalón blanco y blazer marina, una opción genial
White pants and blazer navy, a great option – Instagram @nakaru.official

It is not the same to go to the opera, which, to an exhibition in a museum or a theater play, but in general they share some characteristics. The main, which take place in closed spaces, usually temperature controlled with air-conditioning, so that all of them require a second coat.

The american is infallible, as almost always, but you can replace it with any jacket of half-time for the plans to be less formal. A harrington, a bomber or even a cowgirl cutting width and air retro, can be valid options depending on the context of the event-the denim and the opera does not combine well, for example.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/summum/estilo/moda/abci-como-vestir-cada-evento-verano-201907220325_noticia.html

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