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Three pairs of eyes new to “the case cursed”

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“For me the investigation is closed. I no longer believe in Justice; I’d rather not think about at all hours to not go crazy”. Marianela Olmedo has not thrown in the towel, but a few days ago the hedge migraines and other gloom. On April 27, 2013 to his daughter, Maria, of eight years, and her ex-husband Miguel Angel Domínguez them delivered 151 stab (104 to the girl) in his house in Almonte (Huelva). Six years after the double crime has no author. The only defendant, Francisco Javier Medina, then a couple of Marianela, was tried and acquitted. The victims have no rest; nor are the investigators, the judge who instructed him nor the prosecutor. This defined the double crime as “a damn”.

And that curse haunts the victims: both Marianela as Aníbal Domínguez, brother and uncle of the victims, have been and are insulted and threatened. Social networks have become a target easy. In may, Hannibal had to ask for protection to the chief prosecutor of Huelva for some injuries, who came to insinuate that he was the killer. Both had to leave Almonte, part of whose neighbors cheered to Medina as a hero when he was acquitted by a jury. “I didn’t want encontrármelo to him or his family in the bakery or in the pharmacy. I could not,” says Hannibal, who tries to rebuild his life by chewing the injustice and misfortunes that have ever lived.

To Medina, which was stopped 14 months after the crime by the UCO of the Civil Guard, declared not guilty by a jury. “It was one of the biggest disappointments of my career. When I realized that this Jury had not heard, seen or thought about what was exposed in the Room and took off the brown saying that he did not have time to kill,” recalls the lawyer Gustavo Arduán that accused on behalf of family Domínguez. The crime was committed between 21.52 and 22.02 hours. The UCO presented up to four control reports of distinct time concluding that Medina had time to kill them and return to the supermarket where she worked. The jury felt otherwise, and that argument was sufficient, despite the multitude of evidence that had accumulated in the research.

The machismo darkest of tongue and blade release was sparked, in part, of Almonte, who came to blame Marianela of the deaths have maintained a relationship with Medina. But not only the vilipendiaron and threatened her. His lawyer, Immaculate Towers, which is advocated by the family of Marta del Castillo, retains the rosary of savage acts which he lived. “I’ve never had a trial as well. Is called people through facebook to paste to the lawyer and had to escoltarme to the car after the verdict. I feared for my integrity. Was judged to the victim and to the legal counsel of the victim”.

Threats to the victims

The journalist almonteña Rocio Castrillo, who in the book “151 death” has written a complete chronic of the case, has filed complaints of threats: verbal violence of the stroke thickness. “It is a fault boisterous for the system,” he says. “First of the Jury, but also of the high courts, which endorsed that ruling. The members of the Jury were asleep, ignored the explanations, were illiterate well-rounded”. In his book collects these disturbing words of Gustavo Arduán: “The Jury had external influences. Playing to a jury is relatively easy, and here it has been influenced in some way (…)”

The Supreme Court upheld the acquittal of the only defendant at the end of last year. But in January the judge instructor, the holder of the Court of First Instance and Instruction of the Palm of the County opened a separate piece and instructed the UCO to reopen the investigation. The Guardia Civil has created a new team of three people, “three new eyes, not contaminated”, in the words of the researchers, who will analyze all the facts from scratch, “as well as the technical records collected (…)”. The separate piece will allow you to “contextualize instruction and expedite the investigation”, as stated by the prosecutor.

The captain at the front of the new research team is the liaison with the judge and with the families, with whom you have already spoken. “The UCO is one hundred percent convinced that it was he,” says Aníbal Domínguez, who maintains the hope that it would appear some new fact or “to expose to some of the people that lied”. However, it is aware of the near impossibility of re-trying al that all those involved point out, given that you can not judge twice for the same facts and the extraordinary remedy of review applies to convictions, not acquittals, as is the case.

In the last few weeks there have been two judicial developments; one of them has brought another crushing blow for the victims. The Constitutional Court has not admitted to procedure, the remedy of amparo filed by the family in which they pretended that they recognize the right to effective judicial protection. “We are thinking to go to Strasbourg but it is not yet a firm decision”, explains the lawyer Luis Romero, who replaced in the indictment of the two previous lawyers, and hoped that the researchers found new evidence and explain them to others.

On the other hand, the Hearing of Huelva has rejected the appeal presented by Medina, who wanted to intervene in the case as private prosecution because it was considered “harmed” by the crime. According to his lawyer, Francisco Baena Bocanegra, suffered “imprisonment unconditional for more than three years, to which must be added the cruel and fierce parallel process, and the serious prejudice, material and moral”. The lawyer has already announced that he will ask the State to indemnify them for those three years in prison.

“In our case, Justice has not been done and I don’t know if some day will be. It is very difficult to get up every morning and know that it is still there. But I still don’t lose hope, and some have to give explanations, for example the Local Police because of the knife”, insists Aníbal Domínguez.

The “cursed”, as described by the prosecutor, including the appearance of a knife in a sewer in Almonte that was not delivered by the Local Police until months after. The agents claim, says Dominguez, who took him to the Civil Guard and there they were told that this was not the murder weapon. The tests have confirmed that it is not but for families it is a dark spot, adding to his misfortune.

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