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Asma al Assad: “I’ve beaten cancer”

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“My journey has ended with all its pain, fatigue, negative and even positive; thank God it has finished (…) Have overcome the cancer completely.” With these words, Asma Al-Assad (42 years old), wife of syrian president Bashar al-Assad, has indicated in an interview with the television that syria has overcome her fight against breast cancer. Has ensured that the treatment to which they had to submit to combat this disease let her “physically exhausted”. It has also highlighted the support received by their parents, their children, and, above all, her husband who has been “at your side during this ordeal”.

The cancer was diagnosed a year ago when it was at an early stage, since it is subjected to regular medical check-ups.

The news was announced via a message on Twitter of the president of Syria, accompanied by an image that appeared in Asthma sitting in a chair, dressed in a simple way, with some jeans and a t-shirt, with a tube connected to an iv and more thin than usual. Her husband appears to her side, sitting in another chair, in a simple and small hospital room.

Asma Al Asad junto a un grupo de estudiantes en un acto benéfico
Asma Al-Assad with a group of students in a charity event – ABC

On numerous occasions, from the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, it has been rumored that the wife of Al-Assad had left the country for security reasons and, even when conflict broke out is said to the possibility that she’d left her husband because he was opposed to the conflict.

These speculations were that Asma was working as one of the figures most recognizable of the regime both at national and international level. However, has remained with her husband throughout the conflict and has shown its support for the president at many public events. A support that has generated a host of criticism.

Degree in Computer science and a diploma in French Literature, Asthma lucia sophisticated styles that earned him the nickname of “a rose in the desert”, after “Vogue” published an article about it. However, after the protests and the war became the target of criticism and even the magazine came to check out the article.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/estilo/gente/abci-asma-assad-vencido-cancer-201908060606_noticia.html

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