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The Government denies that the Open Arms to ask for asylum in Spain to 31 under

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MadridUpdated:14/08/2019 02:17h

With Pedro Sanchez disappeared completely from public life, last week was its vice-president Carmen Calvo out the idea of a welcome of Open Arms in Spain, rejected the responsible of the own ship to the bridge yesterday that “can’t or won’t want to” because it would take five days. Over as the voice of the Executive has taken these days by the holder in functions of Promotion, José Luis Ábalos, that for the third consecutive day led to discussions with the authorities of the ship, which the sabbath is referred to as the “standard bearers of humanity”. Yesterday lamented that with this situation, “compromised the reputation of Spain,” in rescue, -we surpassed the 50,000 last year-at the time, which he used to deny that the captain of the ship has the “legal capacity” to ask for asylum in our country for 31 minors travelling on board the ship humanitarian law.

That application was moved on Monday to the Spanish embassy in Malta, said the own Open Arms to the Efe agency, but in the judgment of Ábalos had no other purpose than propaganda. “I understand that in order to keep the issue alive can be an argument, but it does not have this legal capacity”, said the minister in Telecinco, which led to a timely response from the founder of the NGO of the boat, Oscar Camps. “We don’t try to keep the issue alive, he wrote, in successive tweets-. We try to keep alive the 507 people who today are suffering a kidnapping in the middle of the sea, “he said in reference to the sum of the passage of the Open Arms and the other boat of relief for immigrants that currently operates in the Mediterranean, the Ocean Viking. It also asked the Executive, “courage and political height”.

Salvini: No and No

This newspaper tried again yesterday to talk about with Camps, but without success, as it was in “travel” according to the press department of the organization. Through the same channel, the founder of the NGO, insisted on the criticism against the government accusing it of wanting “to establish (a story) in the public opinion, trying to maintain a pulse (weak) anti-Government ultra of mr. Salvini at the expense of attacking NGOS that operate in the waters of the Mediterranean.” Italy’s Interior minister insisted yesterday to invite to the Open Arms to make our way to Spain, and he insisted that will not open ports in italy. Further, We ensured that the Open Arms don’t want to or can come to a Spanish port “because of the risk that would involve traveling five days more with the 151 people on board”.

Just yesterday, three town councils, of Cadiz, Palma and Mahon, the last two in the Balearic islands offered to host the boat, a proposal without too much tour the whole time that this decision corresponds to the central administration.

In this context, and when they met yesterday twelve days of relief in the sea of the first immigrants who came on board in the Open Arms, the UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) appealed to european governments to allow the “landing immediately” of that set of 507 people waiting for a port in the two boats humanitarian.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-gobierno-niega-open-arms-pueda-pedir-asilo-espana-para-31-menores-201908140217_noticia.html

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