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The dialogue is broken between Maduro and the venezuelan opposition

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Updated:16/08/2019 01:55h

The dialogue is broken between the regime of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition led by the interim president, John Guaidó. The representatives of the Kingdom of Norway today returned to Oslo disappointed with empty-handed after holding meetings with the two parties to see if they resume the talks.

But no, the parties are unwilling to continue the meetings, initiated last may in Oslo and continued in July in Barbados. When I was about to come to an agreement, the regime of Nicolas Maduro left the table a couple of weeks ago when the united States launched sanctions against those assets, and national assets to further restrict the economic and financial relations with that country.

Guaidó installed the Executive Commission member of parliament who will work during the August vacation, however the threats of Diosdado Cabello, the president of the National Constituent Assembly, to strip the parliamentary immunity of 26 deputies opponents without alternates to neutralize the qualified majority of the opposition 109 seats and prevent the quorum required for 90 posts.

The also president of the National Assembly said that the first that has abandoned the dialogue has been Mature when “I touched the narrow interests of entrepreneurs plugged in with the regime. We do not have new date of the meeting and by now it is not raised,” he said. The second vice-president of the parliament, Stalin González, head of the delegation of Guaidó, said he met with the representatives of norway, “the norwegians withdrew and they went out of Caracas. We met with them yesterday. We are still waiting for them (the chavismo) to follow the dialogue because the suffering of the people is unsustainable.”

In the scope ruling, there have also been many attempts to Mature to resume talks with Guaidó. For example, the constituent Francisco Torrealba said that Mature if he wants to go to the dialogue: “president Maduro is willing to yield much, within the framework of the Constitution.”

The minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López, has also requested the politicians to the media and by government, that to “put common sense on the common good, sit at the table of dialogue, sientense there and see the faces. Stop the pettiness, stop the misery to one side. The FAN has taken a position: in the first place, to stand strong in the face of aggression.”

For the first time in six months, Guaidó has shown a position of strength when you have to call to Mature to become to sit down at the table because the severity of the crisis and the poor conditions already can’t wait for more time definitions. It has also been commented that both the general Padrino Lopez as Diosdado Cabello are pulling each one by your side to bear your share of power in the negotiations and Ripe, “or negotiated or will negotiate,” said the pro-government journalist Vladimir Villegas in his program “Vladimir the A” in the string of Globovisión.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-dialogo-sigue-roto-entre-maduro-y-oposicion-venezolana-201908160155_noticia.html

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