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Keeps you in suspense to the Philadelphia Police for seven hours

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Updated:16/08/2019 01:53h

An offender with multiple convictions for drug trafficking and possession of weapons kept the police from Philadelphia on tenterhooks for seven hours on Wednesday. Entrenched on the first floor of the house in which he resided, Maurice Hill of 36 years, shot indiscriminately to a few agents who had gone to seek him with a detention order and ended up wounding six of them, who have already been discharged.

“It’s a real miracle that there had been several deaths in the police force of Filadefia after this shooting,” he said yesterday at a press conference the commissioner of police of the city, Richard Ross. The own commissioner came to talk on the phone with the aggressor, to try and convince him to disarm and surrender, something finally did when they used tear gas.

Hill, the aggressor, had no requirement. I had just become a father, and simply refused to return to prison, where he had already been in several times for various crimes. When officers went to his residence with an arrest warrant, took five hostages -three civilians and two policemen – and parapetó with them. In a moment fired indiscriminately through the window of the house and injured the officers, who protected themselves behind their vehicles.

A local television station, Fox 29, reported that Hill had relayed the shooting through Facebook, something that yesterday categorically denied the own social network. The police themselves revealed that the perpetrator had spoken during the incident with your partner by making use of a calling app through video. He was also in contact with the police through his phone.

Hill had the inside of your home a whole arsenal of firearms. After the massacres of two weeks ago in Texas and Ohio, the Capitol is studying voting laws to restrict possession of weapons in the U.S., In cases such as Philadelphia, however, are often used guns bought on the black market, because by law those convicted of serious crimes may not purchase firearms.

Donald Trump was informed of the incident in Philadelphia and, following the arrest of the abuser said in the Twitter social network that, given the criminal history of this, “should not have been released” and promised “that will end up serving a long sentence”, although this is something that now must decide to be a judge and not the government. The prosecutor’s office announced yesterday that it is preparing a lawsuit for attempted murder, among other charges, something that can cost him life.

If we exclude suicides, in 2018 were killed in the U.S. 14.611 people in incidents involving firearms.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-mantiene-vilo-policia-filadelfia-durante-siete-horas-201908160153_noticia.html

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