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Bail for a leader of the Revolt of the Umbrellas in 2014

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Hong KongUpdated:16/08/2019 03:21pm

While the Hong Kong airport will be regaining normality under strong security measures to prevent new occupations, one of the leaders of the Revolt of the Umbrellas in 2014 was yesterday released on bail pending the appeal against his sentence.

Benny Tai, professor of Law, 55 years old, was sentenced in April to 16 months in prison for “public disorder” for his role in protests calling for democracy for a decade, who occupied key points in the city for almost three months.

Pending appeal to be resolved in February next year, Benny Tai was able to get out of jail in exchange for a deposit of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars (at the exchange, around 11,500 euros).

Arrested 748 people

In addition to giving hope to the other leaders behind the bars of the Revolt of the Umbrellas, the freedom of Benny Tai can breathe new impetus to the democratic movement in the middle of the protests against authoritarian chinese regime.

As a legal expert and one of the ideologues of the movement of peaceful civil disobedience, “Occupy the Central District”, Benny Tai is one of the leaders of the struggle for freedom in Hong Kong.

Waiting to see what role it plays now, this weekend, there are organized new protests.

But the Police have banned two demonstrations on the Saturday and another on Sunday organized by the Frente Civil Human Rights, which in June pulled millions of people into the street against the law of extradition to China, suspended but not withdrawn.

On the grounds that 18 demonstrations have ended violently from June, the authorities have only allowed a concentration on the Friday and another on Sunday in the Victory park that is expected to massive.

Since they started the protests in June, the Police has been arrested by 748 people.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-libertad-bajo-fianza-para-lider-revuelta-paraguas-2014-201908160321_noticia.html

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