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Oscar Puente, a spokesman for the Executive of the PSOE (on Twitter)

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ValladolidUpdated:20/09/2019 08:49h

Section’s de facto Spokesman of the PSOE Federal Executive, but remains on the organization chart, is also mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Bridge, has found these days on Twitter the speaker to be heard from for months, has no Ferraz. Adept and more active, hyperactive in the social network, Bridge has taken advantage of that Spain is poised to hold new general elections to enter the national debate. Ready to get into any puddle, has been launched into the mud of the discussion in the network of the bird, in the that gives you like to discuss with neighbors to walk, journalists, with political rivals on the field more next local, provincial or regional, and also now with the state level.

Nothing given to retract his comments and more prone to influence, the argument used on this occasion to open the dispute dialectic was a photo that he shared Tuesday on the leaders of c’s, Albert Rivera, and we Can, Pablo Churches, almost at the same time that the King was closing a round of consultations, and confirmed that no proposed candidate to the second round of investiture. “He’s going to go well for these two,” wrote the spokesman socialist as a caption to an image that has brought him criticism left and right, and has allowed him to become a hollow in the sphere of national policy.

From Ruffian to Churches

That same day he received also via Twitter response to Paul’s Churches. “This is the cafeteria of deputies 10 minutes ago. I have spoken there dozens of times with deputies and the deputies of all the parties. You have deputies that are dedicated to making and spreading photos like this reveals the extent to which it can be pathetic”, he wrote in his wall, the leader of we Can, against the action of the Bridge. Also criticized by the spokesman of the ERC in the Lower House, Gabriel Ruffian, who afeaba that with the publication with a “you have no shame,” and appointment to Bridge.

The other question, Albert Rivera, did not stay on staff. “What lord Bridge, with whom can we speak? do you have to be socialists just to make coffee?”, he is already the next day the president of Cs, after that on the same night the ruler vallisoletano incidiese in defending its challenged tweet comparing the photo that sparked the storm in the network with another of Aznar and Anguita, referring to the clip of PP and IU, with Felipe González. “Pretender”, people who “have demonized the dialogue between different” are some of the other pearls that Bridge has been launched against the person who has been censored, leaving clear that he has no intention of being “polite nor with Rivera or with Churches.” Launched in his statements, the leader of the formation orange said yesterday that resign or “we will cast to gorrazos” their fellow party members after the failure that was predicted for the 10th of November.

Also tough confrontation with the leader of we Can in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, who in a blunt zasca snapped at Bridge “with more reading and less Twitter, maybe you stop exercise spokesperson”.

And has not been lacking in these days the scuffle with the spokesperson of the Board, Francisco Igea (Cs). “More manage your city and less complaining about it all day”, was prescribed to the time you denied that the existence of a “jester” in the Consistory does not make compulsory the existence of a monarch on the Board, in reference to Mañueco, as hinted by the alderman.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/castilla-leon/abci-oscar-puente-portavoz-ejecutiva-psoe-twitter-201909200843_noticia.html

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