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Albert Rivera denies that veto to Pedro Sanchez and a change of strategy

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MadridUpdated:10/10/2019 02:56h

This Saturday Citizens (Cs) surprised all and sundry with a 180-degree turn that redirects the party in the course of claiming his critics several months ago. Although still ruling out a coalition government with the PSOE, is now open to negotiate their endowment in exchange for a “great national agreement”.

This week, however, generate more uncertainty to the explanations given to the own turn. “There is not a change of strategy”, said yesterday Albert Rivera, in an interview in Telemadrid, to finish later: “I have not lifted any ban; I is not put any veto.”

The previous campaign of Cs was based, precisely, on a decision taken by its Executive in February: they do not favor the appointment of Sanchez, neither by active nor by passive, whatever the result. A “no” resounding that was maintained until the week prior to the close of the term to form a new executive. Then, the Cs proposed a “solution State” with three conditions to change to abstain in a hypothetical endowment session which ultimately did not occur.

Cs has left these days to speak of “bands”, “pacts hidden” or plan “Sanchez”, and also ravages with the chairman-in-office, to which Rivera said before the 28-To as “the main stumbling block” and “danger” of Spain or as a chief Executive “indecent”. Yesterday, just called him “mister lock”.

And is that Cs going to 10-N with a promise of unlocking before the boredom detected in the citizenship towards the political class. “There is not a change of strategy, is that it is changing Spain,” he argued to justify the purpose of his particular “is not”. “I’m listening to the Spanish. There is a change of position of the society, fed up of a political blockade”.

In fact, to paraphrase Toni Roldán, who left Cs in June, discontent with the strategy of Rivera, the liberal president said that his party may not be “the problem” of Spain, but “part of the solution”. Therefore, claimed the PSOE “a rectification crisp” passes for their return to constitutionalism. “I know that the opponent is not the PSOE; it is Round and is Batasuna”, defended yesterday Rivera, with a significant reduction of decibels when he speaks of the socialists.

“I prefer Cs, the PP and the PSOE let us agree, not the extremists or the pro-independence”, he said, although rebuked Sanchez for his no intention of dialogue and for its claim to receive support without “talking” with the rest of games, free. Rivera only arises as a “solution State”, not a blank check.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/elecciones/elecciones-generales/abci-albert-rivera-niega-vetara-pedro-sanchez-y-cambio-estrategia-201910100256_noticia.html

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