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How to use the hand brake correctly

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Each time, there are less new cars that come to the market with the classic lever to actuate the parking brake, that now is replaced by a button electrically-operated and semi automatic. Both can be grouped under the name of “parking brake”. Affects the rear wheels of the vehicle, and, in general, by a system of cables which are driven by pulling the lever or pressing the button, activates the brake and immobilizes the vehicle.

You may not pay too much attention to their operation and maintenance, but it is an element that we have to watch because with the time the parking brake can lose effectiveness and not lock the wheel correctly.

From the Association of Workshops for the Automotive, Asetra, explain that there are two types of mechanisms: those that are driven by a motor that tightens the cable and actuates the mechanism of braking in each wheel, and those that incorporate an electric motor in each brake caliper, which is the one that is responsible for triggering a group of pine nuts on the caliper of each wheel to lock.

The parking brakes electric leave more space in the cabin, but also have more parts and, therefore, are more likely to have breakdowns. However, allow functions that could not be incorporated to the manual operating mechanisms, such as its automatic operated to remove the key from the contact.

According to the experts of Autocasión, this may happen when the discs and pads are worn and the propagation mechanism is so big that it loses its effectiveness. There are cars on which the parking brake is going to a drum built into the disc brake, on the hub. But let’s look at the pads and disc in good condition can be bad the friction material of the inner drum.

Another frequent cause of this defect is that you have stretched the cables of the mechanism of the hand brake, or that have been released from their anchors. You might want to review your state and tensarlos. Sometimes it is not enough with the tension and it is necessary to change the cover and the cable of the hand brake.

To use the hand brake right way to simply pull the lever with a flick and dry. At that time will appear in the box of instruments, a witness red with the letter P.

It is important to remove the hand brake before starting a journey. Is removed by pulling back the lever upwards, pressing the top button and then moving the lever down.

Driving with the parking brake engaged will cause a strong burning smell due to wear of the clutch and of the brake shoes or brake pads.

In the case of the electric parking brake or the button, enables certain functions that cannot be done with one manual, as the drive automatically, when you remove the key from the contact. It is also possible that the brake is automatically disconnected at the start of the march. In any case attention should be paid to the indicative of the dashboard and check that you have connected or disconnected successfully.

It is not recommended to use the hand brake when they fail the brakes if you are driving at high speeds, because it could cause a serious accident. Before it is necessary to reduce the speed of the car using the “engine brake” by reducing progressively the marches. If you had to use it in these circumstances, do it with much care, and only to stop the car and ask for a crane.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/motor/reportajes/abci-como-freno-mano-manera-correcta-201910100206_noticia.html

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