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Exterior uses a table of Azaña as an electoral weapon

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In may of 1932, Manuel Azaña uttered these words at the Congress: “the politics and the politicians and government are not allowed to cleave to the reality“. The phrase would have been preterida by the Government of the PSOE, as expressed by several diplomats that were put yesterday in contact with ABC to express their sadness and weariness so that qualify as a “usurpation of the figure and the memory of Manuel Azaña by the current authorities socialists”. The reason was the arrival in their mailboxes for an invitation to the event held at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, the palacio de Santa Cruz, next Tuesday at noon, nothing else will overcome the hangover of election, to attend the “act of reception” of “the table of the President Azaña”.

The call came from the secretary of State of the Spain Global, Irene Lozano, and the under-secretary of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Angeles Moreno Bau, and aims to celebrate the delivery of a table that is supposedly the former president of the Republic signed his resignation in 1939.


ABC wanted to push the opinion of some relevant members of the race and found that the feeling of disappointment, if not outrage, is extended. A former high-ranking Foreign detected without a doubt an approach to electioneering because “this is filtered out today for all to celebrate in the day of reflection as well addressed by the authorities of socialist memory of the Republic. As Frank will no longer get more now try with Azaña,” he added. He, like other politicians consulted are asked not to be identified by be today the day of reflection.

Manuel Azaña
Manuel Azaña – ABC

A veteran leader of an opposition party that knows very well the Ministry of Foreign affairs regrets that he do so. “I really admire Azaña, because not in vain it was the first among the republicans who spoke of reconciliation. But it is very unfortunate the folklore that they are in the Government, and it is grotesque that this what to do right now”.

Another prominent member of the life policy the current policy is lacking a vision less partisan. “But if Azaña was not a socialist, moreover, he had to see what was said of some socialists in their day -cries-. There is that report because neither Azaña nor the Second Republic, are the heritage of the PSOE, that is what they are trying to think. Azaña is a heritage of all spaniards, so that I could not accept that ownership of all”, says a member of his efforts in several legislatures.

“Politicized history”

From another formation, they insist: “they Are politicizing the history of Spain and are usurping the democratic idea and the memory as if they were a match, but what are you doing to provoke a confrontation with all the others following the same theme. It is so partisan and so rude that would not surprise me that the spirit of Azaña shaken physically the table as if it had a “poltergeist”, “notes with some humor, to conclude: “they Want us to think that they are the legatees of the Republic and to accumulate the entirety of the idea of historical democracy in Spain. If you do not would like to operate other way.”

And What About Hernan Cortes?

“If you wanted to add up what they would do as has been done with Elcano, which binds us all, and not well. In addition, it is also sad that figures like Hernán Cortés, whose feats are commemorated 500 years now, not worth the slightest attention on the part of the Government, when he was the best diplomat, a soldier, who has given not to Spain, but perhaps the humanity”, he adds.

Between the diplomats, some even outrage, not so much with Irene Lozano as with Brown: “With the problems that we have of a lack of staff and management, the secretary has focused on creating a protocol of harassment, the union “foreign are different” as if here there is a problem when there have been charges of all sexual tendencies with government of different sign… it is well!”

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/cultura/abci-exteriores-utiliza-mesa-azana-como-arma-electoral-201911090254_noticia.html

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