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The Students are clinging to life

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Madrid Updated:03/12/2019 03:00

The Students, almost 75 years after birth in a school playground, across one of the most critical situations of its history: the club is outstanding and a capital increase to save an entity in debt. To make matters worse, the men’s team is last in the League Endesa. Last Sunday, against Real Betis, were picked fifth successive defeat. Against this background nothing flattering, its president, Fernando Galindo, attends to ABC , and it clears some doubts: “you can Not be at the front of an institution like the Students and not to be optimistic”.

You could say that Galindo took the club in the ICU and has gone to ground, although his condition remains serious: “Our debt is five millions, seven with interest. We’ve reduced it by half, which translates into pay 1.4 million of debt plus taxes ordinary all year,” he explains. Despite this, the Students will end up “yes or yes” the season: “We have sufficient resources for all levels: the team CBA, the girls, the quarry… All around the world is becoming, and that is guaranteed”. There are therefore two challenges: to solve the hole in their accounts and overcome the bad streak of results of men’s team: “it Is imperative that we yield in our history. On the other hand, the capital increase has to do with the economic stability necessary to tackle the challenges that we have: the debt and improve budget entity,” said Galindo.

“The expansion of capital would allow us to tackle the historic debt of the Students and thus improve our budget structure”
Fernando Galindo , President of the Students

The club is not alone in this journey. His manifesto, where it takes heart by its values and its history, has been widely supported: “Thanks to the fans that we have, both sponsors as well as companies coming to us have an interest in the continuity of the Students. On the other hand, we have signed a number of confidentiality agreements with companies that may be interested in our brand, linked to values and recognized by the society. We are the first team of many, and second of all,” he says, although he also regrets one thing: “we do Not have the institutional support that has other equipment in the world of basketball.” What denies Galindo is any relationship with the Athletic, a rumor that spread a few weeks ago: “I have reiterated on many occasions: it is a sports institution laudable, we like him very well, but there is nothing”.

The differential value

De San Bernardo
San Bernardo

Galindo presides over the club that he loves, the team that animated when he was little and he now enjoys with his son. For him, as for many others, the Student is more than basketball: “we have Always opted for the culture, for a multitude of causes with which we sympathize, and for a different way of seeing the sport.” In fact, although it is now commonplace, the Students was a forerunner of women’s basketball, as recalled his president: “We have a women’s team from the Ramiro became mixed. Today seems to be a fad, but thirty years ago was not”. The girls are immersed now in a fight for a return to the League DAY after the descent of 2018. Despite not being where you’d expect, the last season attracted nearly 15,000 people in the pavilion, the record attendance for a match of basketball in Spain.

A historic trouble that is fighting for its survival; the only team next to Real Madrid and Joventut Badalona , who has played all editions of the ACB. Their display cases, which pose four Leagues and three Cups, show that today a note of relief. Claim help to save one of the quarries most prolific in Europe, with more than 2,000 children, and another of his hallmarks: “it’s part of our idiosyncrasy. Is the quarry inclusive of most important of Europe. Throughout the history of the Spanish selection we have provided more than 50% of players and coaches together with Joventut. But then they are playing in other great teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona, have been formed in Students.”

“You should be aware of our social work and, in consequence, receive the help they need at such a difficult time”
Fernando Galindo , President of the Students

A model infeasible

It is no secret that basketball in Spain is in deficit. Or national competitions or international –the Students takes fifteen years without being in the Euroleague– allow teams to enter significant amounts of money. In fact, according to balance sheets of Barcelona and Real Madrid, both lost more than 25 million each last year. “At some point you will have to make a reflection to the world of professional basketball is positioned in some coordinates economic different to those found in this moment. It is clearly much room for improvement because right now it is in deficit,” says Galindo.

To compete against the two giants is to what he aspires the Students in the future, expansion of capital by means that allow the strengthening of the economic structures of the club. But until that happens, much remains to paddle: “With more resources, obviously we will have the best results. Long-term our aim is to compete with the best, but now our goal is to get out of the situation in which we find ourselves and face the next season in a circunstanciarais economic different,” he explains.

The next challenge, then, is against Zaragoza, a rival with which Students will try to trace the flight in the Endesa League. The fans, accustomed to the ups and downs of sports the last few years, shows confidence: “What we will end up taking, as we have been doing lately,” says a fan. Its president, as the club, hold on to what you can: “you have to tighten the teeth and to fight for a comeback. We have to prepare the next party, with enthusiasm, with desire and with work. There is to let the skin on the pitch. That is the first thing.”

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/deportes/baloncesto/abci-estudiantes-aferra-vida-201912030300_noticia.html

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