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The six news to know today, Tuesday, December 3,

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[If you missed the six notciias yesterday, click here]

1. The hardness of CKD requires Sanchez to look again to your right without wanting to negotiate. The plans of Pedro Sánchez are complicated by the moment. His plans for an investiture quick, before the holidays, have been devastated. The plan starts to be impractical. On the eve of the meeting that the negotiators of PSOE and ERC will celebrate this afternoon in the Congress of Deputies, the pro-independence that leads Oriol Junqueras from jail, left yesterday it clear to the president in the functions that they control the times and not the socialist leader. The vice-president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, he argued that his goal is to “work” to achieve “a strong agreement and with guarantees.” A solidity which was considered incompatible “with a quick settlement”. “A good agreement is inconsistent with the hurry”, re-emphasized from CKD.

2. The PP tries that Vox is not autoexcluya of the Bureau of the Congress. Paul Married tended yesterday the hand to Citizens and to Vox to unite their votes in the election of the members of the Bureau of the Congress, which is today. No covenant between them, the PP would accomplish two representatives of a total of nine, and the parties Joined to and Abascal probably none. With the agreement, the popular continue to be two members, but Citizens and Vox would get another one. The PP, as you see, not vary their number of representatives. What is the gain then? “Wins Spain Sum”, explained sources in parliament. The possible according to three bands was further complicated yesterday afternoon, when Vox informed Citizens who do not work for this party to have representation on the Board. From Genoa noted that they will try until the last minute that the agreement will end up being possible.

3. The Kings preside over today’s dinner Cavia in the House of ABC. The Kings Don Felipe and Doña Letizia delivered today the International Awards of Journalism of ABC. In the 99 edition of these awards, the Mariano de Cavia fell on the writer and columnist for ABC, Gabriel Albiac, by the article “Las Ramblas from afar”, published in this newspaper on August 17, 2018; the Luca de Tena was granted to the dominican businessman of Spanish origin, José Luis Corripio, and Mingote José María Nieto, the bullet “To raise the hand of the children of the Guardia Civil”, published in ABC on the 25th of April 2018. The Awards jury is chaired by Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, and that included Victoria Prego, Enriqueta Vila Vilar, Javier Barcáiztegui and Ramón Pérez-Maura, stressed in the act, the “literary quality” of the article of Albiac.

4. Trump now threatens Spain with to increase more the tariffs. The Government of the united States announced Monday that a study to increase the tariffs on Spanish products, among others, after a new ruling of the World Trade Organization against the European Union for subsidies irregular to the Airbus consortium. According to the commercial office of the White House, “in virtue of this failure and the lack of progress in efforts to resolve this dispute, the US initiated a process to evaluate the increase of tariff rates and submit additional products to the EU tariffs”. In October, the Administration of Donald Trump imposed tariffs on products from the EU by value 7,500 million dollars ($6.744 million euros). Among the most affected is the sector of the olive and olive oil of Spain.

5. Lisbon is waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of Greta Thunberg. Just when a mass of cold air enters Lisbon, Greta Thunberg comes to the Portuguese capital in the middle of a media hype and social unusual for any person of only 16 years. Gone are more than 20 days of voyage from the united States, culminating with their reception at the dock of Santo Amaro, because last time they changed location, as confirmed to ABC the adviser of the young Swedish. Yes, because initially it was going to be landed on the quay of Alcantara, but the new site is more collected and gets a better finish. Just a few 100 meters further, it lends itself more to a ceremony of welcome in which will not be the president of the Republic, the conservative Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, but the mayor of Lisbon, the socialist Fernando Medina, and a delegation of the parliamentary committee of Environment and Energy.

6. Leo Messi wins his sixth Gold Ball. In an attempt to wasteland by give excitement to the gala, “France Football”, publication in charge of granting the Golden Ball vote of 182 correspondents, returned to resort to a kind of countdown listing throughout the day the names of the 30 finalists, according to the position they occupied. Were falling the Van de Beek, Marquinhos, Joao Felix, Benzema, Wijnaldum, Lloris, Ter Stegen, Griezmann, Aguero, De Ligt, De Jong, Hazard and company until it reached the top 10 territory for the privileged. Just missing to sort them and go crossing out candidates to see who to accompany Lionel Messi on the podium, predicted their triumph for weeks without being able to put any objection.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/noticias-ultima-hora/abci-seis-noticias-debes-conocer-martes-3-diciembre-201912030753_noticia.html

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