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Three things that explain why if you do pilates, you will be given more on the job

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“There comes a time when as it always hurts my back, I stop to pay attention to that pain. Already part of me.” I just heard this phrase waiting in the coffee machine’s working and what is certain is that, even though it should have impacted, it has done just that, because it seems like that that it hurts the back because it is “normal”. Today, more than 50% of workers in Spain physical problems arising from their incorrect positions. The danger of these discomfort, as explained by María José Campos Cardellat, professor at the centre Esenzia Pilates, is that it does not tend to give the face immediately, but that they are appearing with the time after exposure to awkward postures such as sitting the wrong way, spend too many hours in front of the computer or after many hours of driving. Therefore for the expert it is essential that companies are aware of the need to facilitate employee access to physical activities like pilates which helps to avoid injuries, manage stress, and also a challenge motivating.

Helps to avoid injuries

As noted by María José Campos with the pilates does not only get a greater and better awareness and postural hygiene, but also earns capacity and range of motion, physical strength (especially the core) and helps to prevent injuries such as contractures, back pain, neck pain and injury in the shoulders.

Manages stress

When a person begins to have poor postural habits, gain strength and flexibility, and their physical condition is better, it also lowers your stress, increases your concentration and increases your vitality and your self-esteem, according to the professor of Esenzia Pilates, which says that pilates helps to relax the body and mind and to better control the breathing.

A challenge motivating

Another feature of the Pilates method is that they put the body in a constant challenge, which provides a greater motivation both in the day-to-day as in the workplace.

The Pilates Method is recommended for all types of people and when, as it clarifies the teacher Esenzia Pilates, run of custom. “This method is the individualities and morphology specific to each person,” explains Maria Jose Campos, who believes that it is essential to be a professional the to design training sessions according to the needs and demands of that person.

When do I start to improve my body with the Pilates?

Despite the fact that it is one of the most common questions when someone starts in practice, the answer is not simple because, as indicated by the teacher of Esenzia Pilates, no body starts the practice with the same physical conditions, nor the same body-consciousness or strive a few like other. Thus, in a generalized way the expert says that from the fifth or sixth session is likely to begin to notice the first benefits. However, it clarifies that some people can notice differences in his body since the second session, and there are also people who take more than ten sessions to understand your body, the method and the functioning of the sessions.

What is the best Pilates in the morning or at night?

It is true that the obligations of the day-to-day lead us to practice pilates at specific hours. But if you can choose the time, the expert advises to do it first thing in the morning. “When you wake up, your mind just has worries or stress, which makes you have a greater receptivity to perform the exercises and movements are suitable, thus making your day start better. Although in many cases the end of the work day and do a session of Pilates can help reduce stress, relieve tension and to rest better at night,” he says.

In terms of the periodicity in the practice of pilates, the expert recommended two times per week in order to have a continuity and that it will take to get better results in less time. But that also depends, according to precise objectives and the physical condition of the person, as in some cases it may suggest a session a week to start. In the case of which there is already experience and knowledge of the method, in addition to a good physical level, the teacher advised to practice it regularly because, even though the person receives customized training, you can then control the individual practice in cas or in the gym.

Benefits of pilates

  • Prevents injury, improves mobility and stability of the spinal column and joints
  • Increases the bone density as a physical exercise impact
  • Improves strength, flexibility and balance
  • Help you gain body awareness, correct posture and incorrect postural habits
  • Improves balance
  • Reduces stress and improves concentration and sleep
  • Improves self-esteem, vitality, and confidence
  • Help to improve sexual relations with the development of sleep pelvic and abdominal area

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/fitness/abci-tres-cosas-explican-si-haces-pilates-rindes-mas-trabajo-201912030318_noticia.html

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