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Trump now threatens Spain with to increase more the tariffs

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Washington Updated:03/12/2019 03:31h

The Government of the united States announced Monday that a study to increase the tariffs on Spanish products, among others, after a new ruling of the World Trade Organization against the European Union for subsidies irregular to the Airbus consortium. According to the commercial office of the White House, “in virtue of this failure and the lack of progress in efforts to resolve this dispute, the US initiated a process to evaluate the increase of tariff rates and submit additional products to the EU tariffs”.

In October, the Administration of Donald Trump imposed tariffs on products from the EU by value 7,500 million dollars ($6.744 million euros). Among the most affected is the sector of the olive and olive oil of Spain. The four countries that most harm those tariffs —Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom— were offered to Airbus financing at an interest rate below market, something which the EU refused. However, the U.S. has won in six disputes to arbitration on the matter.

The commercial office of the White House has declared this Monday that “France, Germany, Spain and the Uk are the four countries responsible for the subsidies illegal” and has announced that new increase of tariffs. That threat comes on the same day that the Government of Trump has announced other duties to France, for a value of 2.400 billion dollars and up to 100%, in response to a rate digital services revenue by companies like Google and Facebook.

In August, the Spanish minister of the Treasury in functions, María Jesús Montero, reiterated its intention to approve a rate digital similar to the French if Pedro Sanchez managed to form a government. The OECD looks at a tribute similar torque to apply at the global level. The us president has warned of serious consequences if those liens thrive.

For the moment, the trade office american only studies tariffs in response to rates of digital Austria, Italy and Turkey, which have been approved or are on the verge of doing so. The White House maintains in a statement that it “is focused on containing the growing protectionism of the member countries of the European Union, which unfairly harm american companies, through taxes on digital services or through other efforts against leading companies of digital services”.

According to the head of the commercial office of the U.S., Robert Lighthizer, “the new findings confirm that, despite losing in five previous decisions of the WTO, Europe is still more focused on generating disputes devoid of a basis in dismissing the massive subsidies to Airbus to continue to do a disservice to the aerospace industry of the U.S. and its workers”.

In addition Lighthizer added that “the frivolous arguments of the EU demonstrate that we need robust measures to convince the EU that it is interests of yours to eliminate these subsidies that distort the market now and in the future, so that our industries can compete on equal terms”.

The president Trump is this week in the Uk, where you will have meetings, bilateral or in a group with the presidents of the countries affected by these tariffs, except Spain. The president of the Government on functions, Pedro Sánchez, will not participate in any of those meetings in the margins of the NATO summit.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-trump-amenaza-ahora-espana-aumentar-mas-aranceles-201912030331_noticia.html

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