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The blunt message of Dew Flowers in the middle of the controversy

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Madrid Updated:05/12/2019 00:55h

This summer came to light, unexpectedly, the split between Gloria Camila Ortega and Kiko Jiménez, a separation that has given a lot to talk about and that, although discretely, Dew Flower has been pronounced in several occasions. And is that aunt and niece have a close friendship, and profess to each other a fundamental support in their lives.

Gloria Camila has barely talked about the reasons that would have caused the rupture or the episodes that followed after it, but the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores has not hesitated to defend it against the new relationship of the extronista of “Women and Men and vice Versa” and Sofia Suescun and the open warfare that now exists between them. “The people who live pending of the lives of others is because it has neither the value nor the strength to be the protagonist of its own history . This type of people not to be afraid of him , is worthy of compassion, and never advance because they are always looking to the sides.”

The message is clearly directed to Kiko Jimenez, Sofia Suescun and Daniel, examigo of Glory that is positioned on the side of the new couple after the break. “Compraos a life and leave mine quiet”, “Dear trio buscaos the prominence at the expense of yourselves” and “Good afternoon to you all but these three characters,” are the hashtags that accompanied the text. Her aunt, for her part, despite not getting caught publicly has applauded what has been said by Dew Folores: “Jajaja me meo with the last hashtag”.

Kiko Jiménez, in addition, after leaving the house of Guadalix de la Sierra showed their respect to the granddaughter of the late Rocío Jurado and said he never would speak of the conflict of the young man with his mother, Rocío Carrasco, with whom I was speaking from seven years ago. However, a few days later granted an exclusive interview and he admitted that he was part of the mother in the confrontation because, knowing both versions, she is the one who has the reason.

A few words that are not liked anything Dew to Flowers, and that led to a war that seemed to have been allayed at least temporarily. Antonio David Flores, for his part, also showed their anger with the ex, Gloria Camila to get out of the house and discover everything that had happened, despite the fact that maintained a good relationship.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/estilo/gente/abci-tajante-mensaje-rocio-flores-medio-polemica-201912050055_noticia.html

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