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The six news to know today, Thursday, December 5,

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[If you missed the six notciias yesterday, click here]

1. The PSOE explores a dialogue forum within the law and that CKD may be ok. The PSOE only works with a plan. To achieve the endowment with the approval of the thirteen deputies of CKD. Pedro Sanchez returned yesterday from the NATO summit in London to appeal to the “set of political forces”. But there is more of a scheme of argument to which to cling. Justify that it is the rejection of the right which forces him to make a pact with CKD. Although it has not even been made by the PSOE in the most minimal effort of approach or to PP or to Citizens. At this time Sanchez did not hide his relationship with CKD, as he did at the climate summit. These contacts are being characterized by opacity and secrecy. The socialist leader tried to get to the step that the absence of transparency and of the concessions rhetoric and arguments that have already been made to potential partners: “we have Not reached any agreement with ERC, but I can guarantee two things. First, the agreement is going to be always within the framework of democratic legality, of the Spanish Constitution. And in the second place, it will be public.”

2. Twelve million retirees and officials do not yet know how it will be in the payroll of January. Is less than a month to the end of the year and the nine million pensioners and the three-million public employees in Spain still do not know how will be their payrolls in 2020. Tangled in the sharing of ministries with your partner Can and secure support for the endowment with the pro-independence Catalan Pedro Sánchez has pending decisions that are in suspense to both groups, taking into account that still has not clarified what reference will be used to increase the incomes of the elderly and, above all, when they will do it. The same thing happens with public employees, who know that their income will increase 2% in line with what has been agreed between the former minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, and the trade unions, but they don’t know when will invade this climb.

3. Process the ex-secretary general of UGT-Fernández Sevilla for the false invoices whose fraud exceeds $ 40 million. The judge of Instruction number nine of Sevilla has issued a self in which processes the ex-secretary general of UGT-Francisco Fernández Sevilla, and 14 others in the case known as “false invoices” for alleged crimes of fraud grants and falsehood in commercial document, a resolution which concludes that “the aggregate of the amounts defrauded” in the records of grants awarded by the Directorate General of Training of the department of Employment of the regional government of Andalusia, the trade union organization that has counted with the documentary information necessary “amounts to 40.750.047,74 euros.”

4. Three jurists testify that there are grounds to impeach Trump for bribes. Three lawyers of some of the most prestigious faculties of law of the united States testified Wednesday under oath in the Capitol that there are more tests than necessary to proceed to the impeachment of president Donald Trump. One of these doctors in law even warned the deputies that it is their obligation to the completion of what is commonly referred to as a process of “impeachment”, because it is impossible to find facts that fit better with the assumptions that the Constitution considered sufficient reason to depose a president.

5. The summit, more sustainable story. If the first day of the 20,000 attendees at the COP25 received a bottle of crystal to recharge the water sources enabled with tap water from the Canal de Isabel II, to avoid the generation of bottles and disposable cups, they have now been presented with a cloth bag and a new kit sustainable: a set of cutlery made of bamboo. A bet more in the glimpses of the summit more sustainable held to date. Just take a walk to realize it. A host of bins that specify the type of waste disposed at the site. “Here is separated and recycled all over”, explains Pilar Gonzalez and Tamara López, in charge of the cleaning service of one of the pavilions who point out that “what is collected is paper, organic materials, almost no plastic and just a glass”. Push the cart with bags for waste, differentiated, and carry a broom made of natural fibers. “Waste separation is strict, not only during these days, but also from the mounting,” the ministry said.

6. Real Madrid, upset by playing hide and seek in Barcelona. There was concern in the Real Madrid by the inactivity of the Catalan authorities to the classic, December 18 at the Camp Nou. Until a few days ago had not begun to realize the security measures of the meeting, and especially of protection to the team from the capital of Spain, movements that should cover the expedition visitor journeys from the airport, the stay in Barcelona and the transfer to the stadium of a club that has not done anything and that is the scapegoat of some political interests which support the powers of Catalonia. Finally we have initiated these meetings in order to devise the most comprehensive plan in the history of Spain, with five thousand members of the forces of law and order dedicated to avoid any incident.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/noticias-ultima-hora/abci-seis-noticias-debes-conocer-jueves-5-diciembre-201912050800_noticia.html

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