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Marathon: six tips to not miss a popular race

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Planning objectives

Todo comienza en una planificación
It all begins with a planning

It is the starting point for anything. What I want to achieve? So that your plan does not fall into oblivion or you repent quickly, it is important to begin to prepare for the race with an advance of minimum of 2 months, increasing progressively the distances during the training. “Every race is different, so there’s that planned the distances in function of the length of the final route and type of terrain,” says Augustine Oliver.

“All the races are done for a reason for that: overcoming personal bet between friends, in order to solidarity, as a result of a training… For this reason it is necessary to set a clear goal and realistic in the light of the experience without forgetting that the most important thing is to enjoy the race and finish it,” explains the coach.

Not everything is running

Carrera Popular en Madrid
Popular race in Madrid

Combine the race with other disciplines improves the performance and reduces the feeling of monotony in your workouts. One option would be to combine the pilates with workouts in suspension or functional circuitry. This strengthens the abdominal area and back, giving stability to the pelvis, so that it compensates for the impact that we generate in the body when running.

The training series and circuits, will win power and strength of the musculature to finish the race in optimal conditions. Finally, it is important to note that, with the achievement of stretching to avoid possible injury or breaking down muscle.


Los carbohidratos complejos serán la fuente principal de energía en el día de entrenamiento
The complex carbohydrates will be the main source of energy on the day of training

Without a good diet it is almost impossible to carry out a popular race, that is why before you start it is advisable to be well hydrated. “It is important to begin water to drink moderately the hours before the race. In this way the body do not suffer from dehydration in short races or without food, as it is advisable to drink water during the race”, explains the founder of L Anatomie. “It is not recommended to perform heavy meals or heavy previously. Could bet a bad pass during the race.”

Complex carbohydrates (bread, cereals, fruits, legumes and fruit) will be the main source of energy on the day of training (with 60%) but you have to combine them in an appropriate manner and commensurate with the proteins as blue fish, lean meat or legumes (covering 20% to 30%), mineral salts and unsaturated fats type avocados, olive oil or nuts (with 10-20%). The dinner prior to the race should contain carbohydrates as a base, as for example a plate of pasta and the breakfast, nuts or cereals and fruits such as bananas or prunes.


La importancia de descansar correctamente
The importance of rest properly

Probably the most important point of the rest: without rest there is no performance. It is important to reduce the volume of training the week prior to the race. Plans and respect the rest days for reponerte of effort, avoid injuries and be able to take the day of the race, without which the muscles are fatigued.


Elige una equipación que ya hayas llevado anteriormente
Choose a kit that you have already taken previously

Although it may seem like a board that can do without, especially the footwear you choose for the career it is crucial for you to have good vibrations. The slippers are a key element during the race, they have to be specific to running and that are adapted to the anatomy of the foot and the tread. “I recommend that you do not have never a pair of shoes the day of the race to avoid discomfort in the foot and the dreaded blisters, “advises Augustine Oliver.

The t-shirt has to be technical and even thermal for the winter, combined with a windproof, without going overly warm. The use of gloves and hats is highly recommended for the winter months be protected from the cold, just as there are that protect you from the sun with sunglasses or hats.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/fitness/abci-maraton-seis-consejos-para-no-perderte-carrera-popular-201912050306_noticia.html

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