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Scoldings, (dis)affections and morbid curiosity: the keys to understanding the final stretch of “GH VIP”

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“GH VIP’ is already facing its final stretch. The seventh edition has been enmeshed in endless controversy, jokes, stories of love, heartbreak, and, above all, much curiosity. The contest has to leave to spend a couple of weeks yet to name a new winner of the reality par excellence of autumn. After more than 90 days of living, the plots are quite clear and resolved, so that the contestants are facing directly the end.

The September 11, began the adventure for 16 contestants who formed the casting. The house most closely watched of the television, located in Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid), opened its doors to welcome Anabel Pantoja, Nuria Martinez, Dinio Garcia, Kiko Jiménez, Irene Junquera, Diego “The Eyebrows”, Gianmarco Onestini, the Master Joao, Hugo Castejón, Antonio David Flores, Estela Grande and the four new finalists: Naomi Salazar, Mila Ximenez, Adara Miller and Alba Carrillo. To this group, it would be added later Pol Badia, which came in replacement of the abandonment of forced of one of the participants.

At the time that he met the casting to the full, the feeling of the fans was mixed , depending on the participants. Few understand the entry “The Eyebrows” in the reality, while others wondered who they were Hugo Castejón , or Gianmarco Onestini. But, without doubt, came to the conclusion that the edition would be amazing. And time has given them the reason. However, the leading role has not been assumed by those who, in a first moment, it was supposed that they would be.

El plantel completo de concursantes en el sofá de la casa de «GH VIP»
The campus is full of contestants in the sofa of the house of “GH VIP” – MEDIASET SPAIN

Anabel Pantoja became the first expelled from the format. Your participation well had not liked to the viewers, although neither had enough time to develop it. 8 days of living, the public sent her back to the set of “rescue me”. He followed Nuria Martinez, the friend of Omar Montes with which it was supposed to have come to maintain a special relationship. In your case, it was not the public who cast it, but an allergy to the skin of the peach had to be attended to by the doctors and, from there, to your house. Your participation has been merely symbolic, it being noted during the lunches and dinners have to put your plate on the table. When he recovered, returned to “GH VIP”. Perhaps because the program knew that his potential had been overestimated.

In third place, came out Dinio Garcia. This actor adult film, who rose to fame for having been the former spouse of Marujita Díaz, he returned to television in the contest, and their participation could have been confused by the to be equivalent to that of the sail of a boat: to where the wind dropped, Dinio is placed to always go to the favor of the majority, leaving aside your own personal opinion. Sometimes it was to the side of Hugo Castejón, who was already making mischief, and the other was placed next to Mila Ximénez, the great enemy of the economist on “GH VIP”.

Kiko Jimenez and his friendship with Wake

To the 29 days of living, one of the great protagonists of the edition, Kiko Jiménez, he had to leave the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. In that case, its radical change of position led him to be expelled from the competition. Had shown their support to Mila Ximenez, and at the time that he had occasion, rose to the fore of the nomination directly. Later, he joined Hugo Castejón to get the house completely against it. And as soon as the audience had the opportunity, put her paws on the street.

But the pace of Jimenez by “GH VIP” has not been just the story of a betrayal, but that of a forbidden love. Between Trail Great and the boyfriend of Sofia Suescun had a great relationship. So much so that what seemed to be a simple friendship could become confused with the beginning of a courtship. But hearing him out, so could not know, a priori, what would come to happen. On set, both Sofia Suescun as Diego Matamoros abroncaron the contestant. The first, for having played beyond the limits that had booths. The second, for having flirted with his wife.

Joao, Pol and Alberto: the triangle sentimental

The presenter and journalist Irene Junquera said good-bye to your contest, followed by “The Eyebrows” and the spare Nuria Martinez: Pol Badia. The exboxeador was in its day a couple of Adara Miller, with whom he had a great reunion you found that the stories of the past that ended badly can be resolved. But the most interesting thing was the situation that he lived with the Master Joao. In those moments, it was a couple of the seer, but in “GH VIP” revealed that I was knowing before entering the reality show to another guy: Alberto Armenteros.

At the moment we entered Badia in the contest, its purpose was to find explanations and to go back to having a stable relationship with Joao. However, the heart of the person skilled in the future I was already thinking of his new conquest. At the exit of Abbey of the format, you could say that because were not together.

Alberto Armenteros, el Maestro Joao y Pol Badía en la sala de expulsión de «GH VIP»
Alberto Armenteros, the Master Joao and Pol Badia in the room for the expulsion of “GH VIP” – MEDIASET SPAIN

Only took a week to get another key piece in the “GH VIP” to see him walk out the door: Gianmarco. This Italian came to the contest remains a great unknown inside and outside of the house. His companions thought that it was in fact an actor. But far from it thought, showed his side more tender. It pulled a lot to Adara Molinero, and what seemed to be a friendship ended up being a romance whispers, secrets, and looks. Or a kiss is professed, but the eyes spoke for the two.

Thinking, innocent, not I was listening or watching, is confessed to be in love with each other. However, shortly after Gianmarco had to say goodbye to Adara, by promising before you get to the exit of Miller to see the Christmas lights of Madrid. A promise that possibly it will not happen after what happened in the last week. After several interviews and some demand, Hugo Sierra, the boyfriend of Adara, went up to the house, to be reunited with his beloved. They said goodbye with a big kiss and sat down to Gianmarco as a stab in his heart, and all indications are that this love story will be nothing.

After the Italian, the Master Joao abandoned the contest, and after him, Hugo Castejón. After having become the second removed from “GH VIP”, this singer and economist was fished, staying a total of 40 days. This quarantine was a real torment for the rest of the companions of reality. Non-combustible, angry, always looking mad and with a tone too tense, Hugo was capable of any good time became a nightmare. Mila Ximenez was his great enemy, the one who baptized as “queen bee”. But the rest of their classmates also had arguments with Castejón.

Example of the strategy to carry always a high tone it was his clash with Adara. Miller was an advocate uncompromising of Hugo, but there came a moment in which your character will surpassed. Then, he decided to distance himself from his only support he had left in the format. Unlike other winners or finalists of “GH VIP,” Hugo tried to always be discussing with their peers. But failed to get out of the eternal dispute. Miriam Saavedra or Carlos Lozano, for example, they knew how to give a balloon of oxygen to the coexistence with jokes between anger and rage. This caused Castejón out doubly removed from “GH VIP”.

Since the start of Castejón, only two more have come through the doors of “GH VIP”. The first, Antonio David Flores, whose competition is based on a tone too low and tear, which led to his sending off in his first nomination, and Estela Grande, which ceased to have prominence when Kiko Jimenez came out of Guadalix de la Sierra. In this way, Mila Ximenez, Adara Miller, Alba Carrillo and Naomi Salazar became the four finalists of the edition.

Dawn, Naomi, Mila and Adara: only one can win

Alba Carrillo and Naomi Salazar became, without knowing it, in the first two finalists of the edition. After the last nominations of the edition, both of which were free of exposure to the valuation of the public. Carrillo was known for his emotional past, and a reality to their backs all anticipated that it would be of the contestants are more controversial. However, the reality has been very different. Has passed during a great time of the contest unnoticed, and his mission seemed to be to stay one more week without staining. In fact, he came to weep bitterly in the middle of a gala. Thanks to Jorge Javier Vázquez, who threw a hoarse, managed to take off in terms of mood, but their plots have been very flat.

Alba Carrillo entrando en la casa de «GH VIP»
Alba Carrillo went into the house of “GH VIP” – MEDIASET SPAIN

The queen of brightness, Naomi Salazar, has been conspicuous by its lack of prominence in the contest. Barely has got the attention during a large part of “GH VIP”. The most commented on, his story about how he lived his proof of the handkerchief. Since the beginning of the program, we gathered a lot to Alba Carrillo and Estela Large, creating between the three a close friendship, and their discard in several nominations he has made it a finalist.

Noemí Salazar en su entrada en «GH VIP»
Naomi Salazar in his entry on ‘GH VIP’ – MEDIASET SPAIN

Mila Ximénez, to save the Tuesday of the last expulsion, became the third finalist. The collaborator of “Save me” it came full of doubts to the house most closely watched of the television. From the first moment, Hugo Castejón became his fixation. Has been the person with the most has discussed and with a difference. Between the two they have starred in moments rather unpleasant. Little by little, has gone up from a low mood, until you get to say that you are delighted with the experience and wish to become the winner.

Mila Ximénez en la primera gala de «GH VIP»
Mila Ximénez in the first gala of “GH VIP” – MEDIASET SPAIN

Finally, and after avoid his deportation at the last moment, Adara Molinero completes the quartet of finalists. Protagonist and controversial, this contestant came apparently with a dating happy and full, the fruit of which was born a few months ago for her first child. However, in “GH VIP” has proved that all that gleamed was not gold and that they were going through a great crisis of a couple. Gianmarco appeared as if by magic and it seemed complete to Adara, but the reunion with Hugo made clear that where there was love, ashes remain. However, the latest reports would suggest that all the plot’s loving Adara could be a mount.

Adara Molinero descubriendo el bunker de «GH VIP»
Adara Miller discovering the bunker “GH VIP” – MEDIASET SPAIN

For the moment, there are four candidates to take the briefcase of 100,000 euros for “Big Brother VIP”. With the phone open, now we will discover who wants the audience to win: the change of attitude of Alba, the loyalty of Naomi, the comeback of Mila or the soap opera of Adara.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/play/television/noticias/abci-broncas-desamores-y-morbo-claves-para-entender-recta-final-201912080534_noticia.html

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