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Travel to Turkey and to regain the hair you had when you were 17 (III): three months after the hair transplant, as the worst

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Updated:10/12/2019 07:25h

Three months have passed since I underwent a hair transplant in Turkey… and I have lost almost all the hair that I got. It is normal and I already warned him (and several times), but that didn’t stop to give me a heart attack when I saw the first hair on the pillow. If you do not you understand me, put yourself in my situation for a moment. Travel to Istanbul, you are five and a half hours in an operating room seeing how to move site every hair on your head and nothing more to return to Spain, you start to drop the hair again. Gives equal to that you were told 40 times that would happen, it is called “shock loss” and it is a normal process that they pass through almost all of them, but when it happens it is like when you wake up in the morning and you think you’ve fallen asleep… but then you realize that it is Saturday and the heart returns to your site.

Many don’t ye remember what I am talking about, so I make a short summary. (If you remember, it goes to the next paragraph). As I was becoming increasingly bald, I decided to travel to Turkey and get a hair transplant. What why Turkey? For many things, better passes, and read it. The case is that the operation went well and as it’s been a while, I come to tell you what it’s going the experiment.

As I say, it’s been three months since I was in the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin and, for the moment, the result is quite satisfactory (you have seen in the video evolution and that after that you drop the hair that you put you back out), but it has not been all a bed of roses. And not only by the trauma of seeing that some hairs were left behind. Yes, I know that I am heavy and that I do not understand, because it is necessary to live it, but you really see one of the follicles that have fallen in combat is as your team loses the final of the Champions league.

Just landed in Madrid, I received a calendar from the future that was ahead. When to wash your head, when you can drink alcohol… even when you can have sex again. Don’t be nervous, that is only a week of abstinence… we’ve spent times worse and you know it.

The worst of the first days was to sleep. As I mentioned in the previous article, in Turkey they gave me an air cushion as the aircraft with which he had to sleep for a week. And that was a living hell. I had never been aware of all that I walked through the night and all the times I was able to wake up early in the morning. In normal conditions, you open your eyes, you turn around and you go to sleep… but no, friend, no… that’s not what will you do during seven days. You’ll wake up, you’ll want to move, but you can’t because a thing hateful to you to prevent. Think that is only a week and that is for the good of the hair.

Once beyond that point, the most cumbersome were the showers. In Istanbul I gave a few lessons of how I should be washing my head to take care of the follicles and, as a good student, the followed to the letter (or at least what I tried). First I had to apply a spray in the head, both in the donor area as in the receiving. After, wait an hour and then I could put in the shower. “Since it doesn’t seem as roll”, you will be thinking… and it would not be if it were not because you can’t use the artichoke, because the water has a lot of pressure.

So, you see, and you want to make a lather with the shampoo and put it in the head, shivering every time you touch it, you are not going to be for you to take some follicles ahead. And then, as the artichoke is prohibited, if you’re looking for life to get rid of the soap echándote glasses of water or using a small jug. And so every day for a month. As I say, it is a bit cumbersome, but not complicated. If I did…

Back to the routine

When you come back from Turkey I took a couple of weeks off to take care of those follicles, but if not you can afford it, do not worry because it is not strictly necessary. Comes well, because the less effort to do better, but you can lead a life more or less normal. In fact the greatest “problems” are that you can’t even bend over the first few days (if you tend to drop the things you end up doing more squats in the mill) and that you hartarás hear the phrase, “give a little bit of grima”. And you will not lack reason, because you’ll have a head full of scabs until the second or third week and nice to see it is not that they are. It looks like hair, but when you see it up close…

Between anecdote and anecdote will spend the first month (the majority will learn to see what you’ve done) and you’ll always keep in contact via WhatsApp with the adviser of the clinic that follows your case. I had no almost problems and when I had any questions about something not took more than 30 or 40 minutes to get back to me. My big “problem” was that I have a very sensitive skin and the first few days were a little annoying. That and the redness that is left after the operation took longer than usual to go away, but they are things that depend on each case. And in all cases I was advised well and the problem is resolved. You convey peace of mind and that is something that is appreciated, because when you travel so far for a process like this at the beginning you have doubts.

It also led me to start taking the drugs, my new friends for a year. Each morning I am retired and I get into the body four pills with breakfast: three vitamins and a medicine like Finasteride, which do not have too much good fame, but that the clinic is not obliged to take it. Yes recommended, because it strengthens those new follicles, but it is important for you to inform before the side effects, especially if you have a partner. I’m testing to see what such and now I am not suffering any, though, and if so, simply stop taking the pill so that everything goes back to normal.

Because I will tell you in the next article, whether they arrive or not those side effects. And also I will tell you about the query that I have within a few days with Dr. Serkan Aygin, who comes to give a lecture to Valencia and takes advantage of it to see some patients, so I will come near to to see how.

I’ll keep counting…

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/salud/abci-viajar-turquia-y-recuperar-pelo-tenia-17-tres-meses-despues-trasplante-capilar-paso-peor-201912100711_noticia.html

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