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366 changes feminist in the Dictionary of the Spanish Language

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Updated:21/01/2020 03:59

The RAE decided to accompany the report on inclusive language in the Constitution with an annex outlining the main amendments to the Dictionary associated with the inclusive language. In total, we speak of 366 articles amended, qualify or change meanings of some words.

In general, the Academy has chosen to change the terms “man” or “woman” for “person” or “human being”, for being formulas “more comprehensive”. This is the definition of android, cannibalism, appetite, judgment, and so many others.

Another of the important changes has to do with marks that limit the use of the words. The most celebrated case was that of the “weaker sex” (“assembly of women”), which now includes a clarification that specifies that the expression “has an intended derogatory or discriminatory”. In the stronger sex, by the way, is said to be used “in a sense ironic,”…

In this regard, we have modified several entries redactándolas in the past, to indicate that they are deprecated. In the “waitress”, before saying “women more respect between those served in the main houses”, now you can read “(…) among those that served”, it is understood that it is already a past reality.

They have also done a lot of modifications in relation to “the visibility of women in professions and activities, and designations of varied type.” That is to say: the inclusion of the variable female on definitions that did not previously collected. For example: campanera, macera, espadera, menhaden, trilera, marisabidilla shaman…

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/cultura/abci-366-cambios-feministas-diccionario-lengua-espanola-202001210358_noticia.html

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