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“To Puigdemont just ignore the ultras as Farage”

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Barcelona Updated:21/01/2020 02:07h

Last week, the evening program of the channel 3/24 (channel of continuous information of TV3) organized a debate among some meps catalans. However, the television of the Generalitat of Catalonia gave a different treatment to Carles Puigdemont. He was interviewed, before the astonished eyes of the rest of the politicians (some present in the study, and others, in Brussels). And, at the end of the interview, said goodbye to Puigdemont for the rest of meps go down to the mud of the discussion. The representative of Cs Jordi Cañas (Barcelona, 1969) protested in public and in private for this privileged treatment in a public television. Your intervention runs through the networks of the internet.

Why is there this obsession in TV3 of giving Puigdemont a differential treatment?

Equal is because the Yfc know that we are in the pre-campaign poll and have been dialing profile with respect to CKD. So the other day was terrible. TV3 hosted a debate between meps and ended up interviewing Puigdemont. Tremendous.

But Puigdemont is a former president of the Generalitat.

Not interviewed him as a former president but as a politician. It didn’t make sense to interview him, beyond that I like it or not, that I do not share anything with Puigdemont, what can not be is that it favors. It was a debate between meps, not an interview, and a round later. So we were called, but TV3 decided to change the rules halfway through the programme.

Do not protest any other politician more?

No. Van without brake. Seek to indoctrinate from TV3. Well see that to disparage the meps at the expense of Puigdemont. But I wouldn’t step. But it is was not even an interview! It was a massage!

How has been the arrival of Puigdemont the European Parliament?

Outside of Spain, irrelevant. No one has made the case (to Puigdemont and Toni Comín). Not only that. No one wants them in their parliamentary group. Or The Green, which is the group that is CKD. And, of course, when no one wants you in Europe, as it comes out TV3 to lend a hand…

In Catalonia in particular and Spain in general, was covered by the media its access to the European Parliament.

Yes. But not in Europe. Well, yes, the ultras yes they did case. Puigdemont I will photograph with Nigel Farage, the man of the Brexit, and Martina Anderson, who was in the IRA. An example for the rest of the companions seat.

“No one else made them case?

In general, no one wants to take a photo with alleged criminals. Comín and Puigdemont are not attached. Have No group and can not go to committees. They have fewer resources. Are a few outcasts.

But the influence of Puigdemont cannot be underestimated.

In Europe, certainly not. But his influence is zero. Yes, it dominates TV3, that is what works from Europe. For the television of the Generalitat of Catalonia to give everything he does and says, as if that were transcendent. I remember, now, the case of Ramon Tremosa, which, in the European Parliament was regarded as a extravangante or geek, and everything that I did, that was also not much, is advertised on TV3 as something unusual. What more did Tremosa was to make questions to the European Commission. And, interestingly, TV3 not informed of the answers, because he did not like the nationalism. And remember that we are 750 meps.

What do you mean when you say that Puigdemont “works” to come out on TV3?

I mean, without TV3 Puigdemont I would be nothing. What is important is what is explained in Catalonia, not in Brussels or Strasbourg. I insist, in Europe, does not look.

The suplicatorio of the Supreme Court, to remove the immunity to Puigdemont, has already begun its step, when it calculates that it will be resolved?

This year. As very late, in September.

What will be favorable to the court petition?

The set of Spanish delegations must prepend the speed and ultimate success of the suplicatorio their victories media. To win this game there is a lot of work outside the focus of the media with a clear goal: to win the suplicatorio by a large majority. And do it quickly.

Will it return to TV3?

Clear. I thorough discussion with anyone. But thorough discussion. I do not hide as Puigdemont. Or I use the tv all the catalans to hide. Not to discuss, Puigdemont or accept questions from other meps who requested interpelarle in the european Chamber. It is a coward.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-jordi-canas-eurodiputado-ciudadanos-puigdemont-solo-hacen-caso-ultras-como-farage-202001210207_noticia.html

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