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China confirms that the pneumonia of Wuhan can be transmitted between humans

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Updated:21/01/2020 04:32h

The National Commission of Health of China has confirmed the transmission between humans of the new coronarivus (2019-nCoV), responsible for a pneumonia that has already caused four deaths in the city of east-central china in Wuhan, and over 200 infected in the country, reported the state-run news agency Xinhua.

The leader of the team of experts of the committee, Zhong Nanshan, indicated that at least two patients of the southern province of Guangzhou have contracted the virus through human contact.

“The patients were infected after that your family will travel to Wuhan (a city of 11 million inhabitants and the epicenter of the outbreak) and contagiaran,” said Zhong. In addition, the expert added that several health workers have been infected.

However, Zhong said, “only took two weeks to identify the new coronavirus” and expressed the view that it does not repeat a situation like that which occurred during the epidemic of acute serious respiratory (SARS) of 2003, which left 646 deaths in the asian country (813 globally).

At 18:00 local time Monday (10:00 GMT), the number of infections confirmed in China was 217. The specialist in respiratory diseases, explained that the ongoing detection of new cases indicates that “the epidemic is still in an early stage”, according to Xinhua.

Zhong foresaw an increase in cases in the coming days, as the Friday start to the holiday for the Chinese New Year, which causes the largest human migration on the planet, but was confident in the achieve contain the spread of the new coronavirus with rapid diagnostics, appropriate treatment and quarantine.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated tomorrow, day 22, a meeting of experts to determine if the current outbreak by coronavirus in China constitutes an international emergency.

9 infected, in critical condition

The health authorities and the chinese today reported the fourth death as a result of the new coronavirus emerged in the city of Wuhan last month, and added that, of the 198 infected confirmed up to the moment in the municipality, 35 are in serious condition, and 9, in critical condition.

In a statement issued today, the Municipal Commission of Health of Wuhan , explained that the deceased was a man of 89 years, he developed symptoms of the new pneumonia on the 13th January last, he was hospitalized on day 18 and feneció on the 19th of January at 23.39 local time (15.39 GMT time).

The symptoms described for the pneumonia of Wuhan (epicentre of the outbreak, and a city of some 11 million inhabitants) are fever and fatigue, accompanied by a dry cough and, in many cases, dyspnea (trouble breathing).

The Commission also said that 25 patients who had been infected have been healed, while 169 remain hospitalized in isolation and continue to receive medical treatment.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-china-confirma-neumonia-wuhan-puede-transmitirse-entre-humanos-202001210358_noticia.html

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