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The reasons why you must give and receive more hugs

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Hugs are beneficial for all. With them not only increases the affective bond and emotional with other people, but in addition activated throughout the body, improving health, and causing the happiness. Do you know someone that instead of giving two kisses to the mode of greeting which makes it closer for a hug? This is another way loving to show closeness, in which the arms engage around the body of the other individual.

Numerous researchers came to the conclusion that the embrace of perfect should last at least 20 seconds. “The hugs that socially we tend to last three seconds, so to feel better we must give and receive not just more hugs, but long,” says Veturián Arana, an expert in well-being by applying the thinking quantum. On the International Day of the Hug, which should narrow, more hugs, Veturián Arana explains in detail what are its benefits, both emotional and physical.

Reduces levels of stress and tension

When we embrace a person we release oxytocin, thereby reducing the production of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that are emitted in high concentrations when we are under a stressful situation. As he explains Veturián Arana, “embrace and be embraced binds us together and helps us to relax and gives us a sense of peace, tranquility and security.”

Increases the self-esteem and improves mood

In addition to oxytocin, the hugs release serotonin and dopamine, generating a feeling of well-being and happiness. Associated to this, it also improves self-esteem, so it increases the good mood and energy. “So, you only need 20 seconds of embrace to cause all of these positive emotions in humans,” says Arana and adds that “to embrace is to give happiness.”

Los numerosos beneficios de estrechar un abrazo
The many benefits of cultivating a hug – Unspash

It is a therapy rejuvenating natural

Another of the great benefits of hugging is that it stimulates the oxygenation of the body, something that helps to prolong the life of the cells and, therefore, prevent premature aging. “In addition, we must not forget that hugs strengthen the immune system by encouraging the creation of white blood cells, the cells responsible for fighting infections and diseases,” says Arana.

Abrazo entre amigas
Hug between friends – Unsplash

Reduces the risk of developing dementia

Embrace relaxes, gives us peace of mind, security and confidence, decreases stress, relaxes the muscles and makes us feel good. All this, in turn, contributes to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Lowers blood pressure

Hugs activate receptors in the skin, called Pacinian corpuscles, which are responsible for sending signals to the brain thus reducing the blood pressure.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/psicologia-sexo/abci-razones-debes-y-recibir-mas-abrazos-202001210341_noticia.html

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