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Barcelona Updated:21/01/2020 02:09h

Jordi Eroles was “minyona” lyric of the tripartite, first with Maragall and then with Montilla. Scourge of convergent, especially Artur Mas, did not hesitate to make propaganda of the government from his position of presenter of the news on TV3 and channel 24 hours, called 3/24. There is an opportunism that explains the recent history of Catalonia so much more than their independence. An opportunism based on the cynical use of the alleged “injured national” for the strict monetary profit: in other words, there is a relationship of directísima of proportionality between the most tearing their robes in favor of the “freedom” of Catalonia, and their respective fortunes. No one has bled as much their homeland as the Catalan of Catalonia. And then they complain about the “fiscal deficit” with Spain, when the most outrageous deficit that exists in the Catalan earth is between how much they charge their liberators in exchange for a little -or rather nothing – that have been released. With Pilar Rahola, and Toni Soler to the head, Eroles is only a trainee, but with its lack of talent and his presence anodyne has managed to survive in a post coveted and their consecutive militancy are not alien to it.

In the selfie taken in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, appears next to the counselor of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalan government, Damià Calvet. Whipping to the convergent, who are now hugging. Eroles presumed to be in public wearing the ribbon bow yellow on the inside of the jacket to not look for their appearances on-screen, but, above all, for all the world to know that leads, especially their heads, on which it depends continue to be a visible face of the chain.

Apart from the personal miseries of annulments “wannabe” as Eroles, this selfie, and many others show the level of journalism and professionalism of those who work are supposed to be journalists but do not for a moment abandon the most blatant and vulgar propaganda. TV3 is not even the television of “a country”, but the idea of this “country,” and it is true that it is directed to all the catalans, what happens is that to some it stirs up with the crudest agitation, to ensure that they continue to be prisoners of their blind rage, and the other, which in addition are in the majority, is dedicated to manifestly insultarles.

The deployment of groupies last week in Strasbourg was the own of the most grotesque republics banana; an enthusiasm delivered, so fan up childish between the alleged informants, and a unanimous vote as in its comments that, the next time, to send one simply because they all say the same thing and will come out cheaper. The thing in Catalonia have reached a lowness that, much more serious than articles like this relatándola, is that its protagonists are so abductees that nor do they realize the ridiculous that they make and not hide when there are visitors. I saw them, hovering like a slumber party, putting the eyes in white every time Puigdemont was going on, and talking about it in the news as if jesus Christ back could have dropped in for a visit. These things always end up bad. Indisputably always and indisputably wrong. The only unknown is if there will be a count of corpses.

Salvador SostresSalvador SostresWriter of OpinionSalvador Sostres

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-periodismo-lazo-interior-202001210209_noticia.html

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