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The diet palaeolithic, also popularly known as the “paleo diet”, has as reference the food pattern of the human of the Paleolithic period prehistoric oldest characterized by the manufacture and use of tools, the practice of hunting, fishing and gathering as well as the nomadic lifestyle and the appearance of the first artistic manifestations in the form of cave paintings and carvings in bone or stone.

Loren Cordain, a scientist specialising in nutrition and exercise physiology, has popularized this style of life that is precisely based on the mode of feeding of the men before the emergence of agriculture, by basing the diet on the meat (hunting), fish (fishing) and fresh fruits and vegetables, tubers and nuts (collection) by simulating the proportions which would be achieved by the prehistoric man.

One of the objections to this diet that eliminates the consumption of grains and legumes, the main characters in the menus from around the world after the emergence of agriculture, is that there is evidence of consumption of whole grains dated back long before the emergence of agriculture.

Another criticism is the high consumption of proteins of animal origin which proposes that exceeds the 50 % daily, as in the Paleolithic, the meat and fish depended on the success or failure of the hunting and the fishing. In addition, it can be a single model, since the diets varied as a function of the territory.

To favour features that the paleo diet advocates the consumption of foods originating directly from nature. Their reasoning is that the human body does not managed to adapt to the changes wrought first by agriculture and then the industrial revolution and the incorporation of the processed foods and additives.

Commonly used for losing weight, it should never be done without professional advice as not everyone has the same nutritional needs, or even the same person has throughout their life.


  • Provided it is based on a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and nuts will be a healthy diet.
  • The elimination on the food menu ultraprocesados (sugar, fat, chemically treated, or soft drinks) and junk food, promotes weight loss and improves the overall health and wellness.
  • With this diet you get a greater feeling of satiety and therefore appetite control.
  • The paleo diet emphasizes drinking plenty of water and stay active. Let’s not forget that men of the paleolithic age were nomads, and got food with great physical effort of hunting or collection.


  • Removes the cereals and legumes that are considered to be healthy foods in addition to having a more affordable price than the nuts, or meat from hunting.
  • The genetic research demonstrate the adaptation of the organism to changes in the power supply after agriculture as it has increased the number of genes associated with the decomposition of the starches in food are present in rice, pasta, bread, corn, and other cereals
  • Studies are needed clinical long-term about the potential benefits or risks of the paleo diet

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Rachel Alcolea

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/alimentacion/abci-dieta-paleo-202001220721_noticia.html

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