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Stopped at Cox after three years of investigation for car theft and drug trafficking

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The Civil Guard has arrested in Cox (Alicante), after more than three years of research, to a man as the alleged perpetrator of the theft of multiple vehicles and traffic of drugs. The man was in force a legal claim, and has already entered in prison.

The research started in may of 2016 when the Guardia Civil detected in Cox an unusual increase of vehicles stolen in the housing interior. Apparently, the author or authors gained access to the houses, through the use of force, looked for the keys of the hire, the property of the inhabitants, and the sustraían with the keys in the original, reported by the armed institute this Thursday.

The team’s agents of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil from Almoradí focused on this “new variant” of criminal activity and, after more than three years of research have managed to identify the man who allegedly drove these vehicles stolen.

The difficulty of the operation was that the suspect was a person extremely cautious in all their robberies and very evasive and elusive in his daily life, until such a point that he used spy cameras and tracking devices for their own protection, complicating any possible follow-up or police investigation.

Finally, on Friday, January 17, was prepared a device to proceed to his arrest. No more out of your home, the alleged perpetrator fled, as she realized the presence of police officers, but was caught and arrested in spite of to resist violently. According to the armed institute, one of the officers suffered an injury that has required stitches.

At the time of his arrest he was wearing to 3.6 kgs of pollen hashish, in addition to another 300 grams that were found in the registry of your home.

In the registry, we found a van and a high-end tourism, both stolen in Malaga and another vehicle more, also high-end, stolen in Orihuela, all of them with license plates false.

Other effects seized were € 21,000 in cash, spy cameras, various mobile phones, tracking devices GPS, and two short arms of fire municionadas: a pistol of 9mm and a revolver 38 caliber, with 3 spent shells.

The detainee, of moroccan nationality and 36 years, is accused of five offences of counterfeiting of license plates, four offences of motor vehicle theft, a crime against public health, an offence of illicit possession of weapons and the crime of resistance and disobedience to agents of the authority, in addition to having a valid legal claim arising out of Orihuela.

Add to that that fell on him an order in force of prohibition of entry to the national territory, as dictated by the Audience of Malaga, and that it would be breaking since resided, for a long time, permanently in Cox.

Last Monday 20 of January was put at the disposal of the magistrate Court number 3 of Orihuela, who decreed your income in remand prison awaiting trial.


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