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Apolo theatre in Almeria has one of their night-quarters more diverse, with groups of Seron, Malaga, Torrevieja and Jaén

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The contest of groupings-carnival of the carnival of Almería in this 2020 had in store for this weekend the greatest concentration of groups from outside the province, with the objective of facilitating the displacement of the numerous formations, up to eleven, participating this year in the contest.

According to a press release the city Council of the city, the contest organized by the Municipal Federation of Carnival of Almería Capital (Femaca) in collaboration with the area of Culture and Education of the City of Almeria has received this Saturday in its second session of the quarter final groups of Serón (Almería), Torrevieja (Alicante), Jaén, Martos (Jaén, spain) and Malaga.

Have been precisely those of Seron which opened the evening, bringing the cold of the sierra in ‘Command Cube’. A guy with a lot of winks chirigoteros and, especially, very solvent in the body of voices, with a gasket that made them shine in the letters, very to the type.

From Jaén, was premiered in Almeria a new costumed female, ‘princess of time’, with type of egyptian. And, after initial nerves, he convinced with a power ‘a priori’ unexpectedly, it has been difficult for the jury bearing in mind that there is also a costumed female of Granada (‘The friggin ‘giants’, last year finalists) and ‘The Revolt’, from the Traiña, which acts this Sunday.

Before the break, went to the scene, the minstrels of Torrevieja, This year we bring it raw’, converted already a classic in the Carnival of Almería in the last few years. In fact, the first pasodoble made reference to the controversy of the past year, when one of the street musicians had a component in the scene and was not penalized for it. A song of love carnival and to the city that they returned to applaud a year more notable for their quality.

The city Council review that for the sake of others, ‘The ones that give you the travel’ of Torremolinos (Málaga) not tendered, so that, after the break we had two performances, of ‘The essential’ of Martos, Jaén, and the murga malagueña ‘whole cloth’. The first offered a gig sober, if with a type to something less defined, while the latter, young people, also people could instal new in the carnival of Almería as a command clean full of winks to the argument, summarizes the Consistory.

This Sunday will live another new session travelling, given that at the weekend as it facilitates the movement of groups from outside the province. From 19.00 hours will perform la murga de Guadix (Granada) ‘The enrollaos’, the giants of Benalmádena (Málaga), ‘The tower of the wreck’, the minstrels of Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) ‘Pedro Paniagua’, the minstrels of Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) ‘the influencers we peel what they think’ the giants of Almería ‘The Revolt’ and the minstrels of Caravaca de la Cruz ‘The Troleros’.

The entries for the entire phase of the quarterfinals of the Carnival of Almeria are available on the web page ‘www.almeriaculturaentradas.es‘ and what are also in the box office of the Teatro Apolo at a single price of five euro for each of the sessions.

From EuropaPress https://www.europapress.es/andalucia/almeria-00350/noticia-teatro-apolo-almeria-vive-noches-cuartos-mas-diversas-grupos-seron-malaga-torrevieja-jaen-20200202170322.html

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