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Four out of ten couples already are known for networking and mobile applications, according to Quirónsalud

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Four out of ten couples meet through social networks and mobile applications, and its use is leading to the formation of new types of couples that, in principle, should be “more stable” than those formed in the traditional way, as has been pointed out to the authors of the ‘Method Of Francisco-Canet’, Jose Angel, Francisco and Maria Dolores Canet, specialists in couple therapy Hospitals Quirónsalud Alicante, Murcia and Torrevieja in the framework of the celebration of valentine’s day on Friday 14.

According to a press release from the centre private health resources online dating allow you to meet people that are not in the social circles that exist, and their popularity has grown in such a way that, according to different researches, are the second most common form of encounter of heterosexual couples and the most common for homosexual couples.

Before this, José Angel de Francisco recommends “prudence” and evidence of the certainty of what each profile, and “use something that has always been a classic in the couple relationship in its inception: a good dating with a good knowledge of both, in order not to feel cheated after that.”

The new technologies facilitate the virtual meeting of the couple but also is exposed to “many times to deception” by entering into a relationship with a person that was not that apparent in the networks.

“In our consultations,” explained the specialist in couples therapy, “we see disappointments that force tears to partner with painful consequences. The origin is in the lack of actual proximity, the lack of contact, and even the cancellation of the attraction derived pheromones, which can not enter the game through the screen, at least until the first non-virtual meeting. These pheromones play an essential role at the time of start of an erotic relationship”.


Another of the dangers of love in the era of social networks are increasing jealousy by the discovery of relations with third parties via the mobile or the hitch that many people have to the social networks and that, although it allows to keep a relationship much closer it is to turn “more impersonal”.

“They will now share more details with the couple, can be located more easily, have memories together, but at times this leads to a saturation and a deprivation of personal space is required by each member of the couple,” warns Francis.

70% of patients attending consultations have some sort of addiction to social networks have between 25 and 38 years and “many of them have a level of addiction so harmful for married life as it could be gambling, drugs or alcohol,” said Maria Dolores Canet.

As tips to get a happy relationship, the specialists have recommended choose well as “key to success” when it comes to having a partner; he/she is the first thing; share the “power” in the couple is know to yield to time, the reason should not be exclusive to one; be responsible and keep a commitment through the will, building love from day to day; know how to forgive is necessary, not one, but all the times that they are needed; to share family and domestic responsibilities; accept your partner as it is and not try to change it as a sign of respect, to have details of love every day; and, relying entirely on the couple and not to spy on your mobile phone.

From EuropaPress https://www.europapress.es/comunitat-valenciana/noticia-cuatro-cada-diez-parejas-ya-conocen-redes-aplicaciones-moviles-quironsalud-20200212123433.html

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