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Designed a robot that draws blood better than a health care professional

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Updated:13/02/2020 10:33hrs

A team of researchers from Rutgers University have created a robot of blood sampling that works as well or better than healthcare professionals, according to the results of the first clinical trial in humans of a device for automated extraction and analysis of blood.

The device offers rapid results and enable health professionals to dedicate more time to treatment of patients in hospitals and health centers.

The results, published in the journal “Technology”, were comparable or exceeded the standard clinical, with an overall success rate of 87% for the 31 participants whose blood was extracted. For the 25 individuals with veins of easy access, the success rate was 97%.

The device includes a robot-guided ultrasound image that pulls blood from the veins. Account also with a module that handles samples and a centrifuge to analizalas, which could be used next to the bed and in ambulances, emergency rooms, clinics, doctors ‘ offices and hospitals.

The venous puncture, which involves inserting a needle into a vein to obtain a blood sample or to perform an intravenous therapy, is the clinical procedure more common in the world. But the sanitaros fail in 27% of patients without visible veins, the 40% of the patients without veins palpable and in 60% of patients emaciated, according to previous studies.

The failures repeated to increase the likelihood of phlebitis, thrombosis, and infections, and may require the puncture of the large veins or arteries, with a cost and risk far greater.

“A device such as ours could help physicians to obtain blood samples in a fast, safe and reliable, avoiding unnecessary complications and pain in patients by multiple attempts of insertion of the needle,” says lead author Josh Leipheimer, a graduate student in biomedical engineering in the laboratory Yarmush of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rutgers-New Brunswick.

In the future, the device could be used in procedures such as catheterization or dialysis, among others. The following steps will improve the inteligncia artificial robot to increase the success rates in patients with veins that are difficult to access.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/salud/abci-disenan-robot-saca-sangre-mejor-profesional-sanitario-202002131028_noticia.html

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