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The Generalitat refuses to impose the term Catalan to refer to the valencian language

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VALENCIA Updated:14/02/2020 16:39h

The valencian Government that presides over the socialist Ximo Puig rejects the imposition by law of the term Catalan to refer to the valencian language, in accordance with claim entities subsidized by the government, such as Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV).

After the information advanced by ABC regarding the offensive launched by ACPV in the Congress to gather support from groups of left-wing, nationalist and independence (among them the PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and we Can), the vice-president and spokesman of the regional government, Monica Oltra, has stressed Friday that “the Estatut d Autonomia clearly says that the valencian is the own language of the Valencian Region” and provides the official with the Spanish.

“And that is the position of the Consell de mallorca”, according to an underscore after the full weekly, asked for contacts with parliamentary groups in the Congress to raise the legal recognition of the unity of the Catalan language and by the fact that you were deputy Joan Baldoví, also of Compromís.

The PP and Citizens had already warned that it would deny a change in the Statute of Autonomy (PSPV, Compromís and we Can not add the required majority) to change article 6, which establishes the official name of valencian.

Oltra has denied that it is “contradictory” that a representative of the coalition to participate in this meeting, noting that it makes no assessments as partisan as the spokesman of the valencian Government. In fact, in the past, Oltra admitted that in Compromís is used the term of “Catalan countries” in between “friends” and that they did not do it in public because “desgraciamente is reckless”.

[Monica Oltra in 2011: “Unfortunately, it is foolhardy to talk of Catalan Countries”]

This Friday, on the other hand, wanted to launch “a reflection from the democratic point of view”, arguing that it is a common practice and “healthy democracy” that there are organizations that ask for meetings with “all the parties, to be the sign that they are, and expose their petitions, claims or whatever.”

“In life it is good to hear; above all, it is good to hear what it says the one I do not agree. If one only listens to the agreement, we generate societies are fractured and polarized,” he asserted.

The also coportavoz of Compromís has thus held that “although you can always stay more or less agree, listening is the usual way to operate in a democracy”.

In any case, has emphasized that the Congress and the Council are in different areas and in that the position of the government is always subject to the Estatut d Autonomia. “That is the position, everything is compatible,” has settled.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/comunidad-valenciana/abci-generalitat-rechaza-imponer-termino-catalan-para-denominar-lengua-valenciana-202002141639_noticia.html

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