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The five keys to finding your hidden talent

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Surely you’ve ever heard the phrase the renowned philosopher Confucius, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life“, but have we considered that perhaps what we like does not correspond with our talent? Many times, what we like is not related to what we do best. Sometimes, even, we have not even discovered what is our talent, which you can actually get it to fill us with passion.

N. C. Kurt, an expert in human potential and instructor of Udemy, a global platform of training to learn and teach online, has developed the Law of Purpose, to leave behind the mediocrity in which we can see ourselves involved if we do not struggle to discover our true talent.

“The Law of Purpose implies a move away from the determinism and for us to take charge of our life. It is, fundamentally, a guide to discovering and developing the best version of yourself, to understand what is the meaning of our life and what is the purpose that we must follow to achieve personal fulfillment, you get what you seek and achieve happiness,” says Kurt. In this way, the Law’s Purpose consists of five key principles that allow us to discover our hidden talent and to focus our professional career towards the success.

Hay que alejarse del determinismo y hacernos cargo de nuestra vida
There’s that move away from the determinism and for us to take charge of our life – Adobe Stock

Internalize that we all possess some talent, whether we know it or not. Interestingly, the majority of people do not know. In this way, it is important to mentalizarnos of that never we will discover if we do not perform the activity that requires the use of that talent. For this reason, to get out of our comfort zone, what we know, is vital, because to keep us in it limits us and does not leave us to experiment with new ideas, activities and projects.

Adopt a mindset of scientific, trial-and-error. To do this, start doing new activities, regardless of the knowledge or skill that we have in relation to them. Extract, an experience, a feeling or a result of their practice will allow you to get tracks accurate on what is our hidden talent. The own Albert Einstein explained that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results”

Not to confuse talent with skill. A person can get to master quite a area by constant practice, that is skill, but probably will never come as far as I could do it if I had the talent for that task. The talent is innate, so that if we perceive that we don’t have talent for a certain activity, it is ideal to look else where yes we have it and, once found, to devote ourselves full-time to strengthen and develop it.

To know what we want and dominate the will. It is essential to know what we want and reflect on whether it is in line with our talent. If so, it is necessary to plan this journey by setting goals appropriate, and strive to follow them. “You have to have enough self-discipline to master the will, making always follow our desire. Without a will, the wish is just an idea picturesque and nothing more,” keeps Kurt.

To overcome the difficulties and obstacles. In this way of search and development of talent, we shall meet with difficulties and obstacles. However, there are more than real times of learning, you just have to learn to see the opportunity where others see only obstacles. With this paradigm, everything is beneficial for our growth and development, both intellectual and spiritual.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/psicologia-sexo/psicologia/abci-cinco-claves-para-encontrar-talento-oculto-202002140322_noticia.html

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