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Any positive alcohol and drug testing to drivers of school transport

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Any positive alcohol and drug testing to drivers of school transport

General directorate of Traffic

Madrid, 14/02/2020

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Results campaign for school transport

Have been controlled 3.360 vehicles and 1,420 drivers have been reported

The lack of special authorization to perform this type of transport and the insurance of liability unlimited remain the violations most numerous between the controlled vehicle

More than 3,300 vehicles dedicated school transport and of minors have been monitored during the campaign special surveillance by the Directorate General of Traffic has been made between the 3 and the 7 of February to verify that the vehicles dedicated to this type of transport comply with the regulations established.

During these five days of campaign, it has been found that the 3.360 vehicles controlled by the traffic agents, 1.420 have been reported, especially for administrative irregularities.

It is noteworthy in this campaign, that no driver has been tested positive in the preventive controls of alcohol and drugs carried out by the agents to the drivers of school transport. Also have dropped the violations for speeding, being reported 2 drivers, one less than the previous year, by circulating at speeds higher than those established.

Regarding the use of safety belts in those vehicles that are fitted with, in the inspections conducted by officers found 16 vehicles that had these retention systems were anomalies in its operation.


The administrative irregularities are the most number of complaints have been generated. For example, do not have the special authorization to perform school transport has brought the complaint to 1.018 vehicles and 391 for not having subscribed a liability insurance unlimited, as the law requires.

The agents of the group of Traffic of the Civil Guard have also checked that 115 school transportation vehicles were deficiencies in the service doors and emergency, as well as their drive devices, and 12 others were reported for not having in rule the Technical Inspection of Vehicles.

In addition, 140 vehicles checked had not been a corresponding signal V-10, school transport and other 33 did not have the device light with emergency signal.

Finally, in what refers to the excess of driving time or reducing the rest, 12 drivers were reported for this reason and other 32 not bear to board the bus a person in charge of the care of minors, where it came from.

The concern of the DGT for the transport of minors is being done safely, takes the agents to perform permanently controls in this type of vehicle

Official press release from the Interior Ministry http://www.interior.gob.es/prensa/noticias/-/asset_publisher/GHU8Ap6ztgsg/content/id/11510176

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